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SFA Pest Control Contract

SFA Pest Control Contract

Congratulations food business owner! As you are about to embark on this challenging yet exciting new venture, let us explain how you can secure yourself an SFA pest control contract, an important document that you'll need when applying for your food licence with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Why do I need a pest control contract for my food licence?

Pest control plays a critical role in preserving the integrity of the food supply chain. Pests like rodents, roaches, and flies can carry diseases and contaminate food products, posing serious health risks to consumers. Moreover, infestations can result in significant economic losses for both producers and consumers. The SFA recognizes these risks and has implemented robust pest control measures to mitigate them.

What must be in the contract?

1. The pest control contract needs to include the inspection and control of cockroaches, rodents and flies. While these are the minimum range of pests that are required for your licence application, it is highly recommended that you work with your pest control provider to create a customised plan for your premises. Depending on where your food establishment is located, there may be other pests that are prevalent in that area which may pose a health or safety risk to your customers.

2. The pest control contract also should also have an inspection frequency of at least once a month for the 12 month duration of your licence. These regular checks will help detect any potential risks of infestations and exterminate them promptly.

3. The pest control contract should also be from an active Vector Control Operator (VCO). In case you are wondering, Protect Pest Control is an active VCO. Our technicians are trained professionals and are licensed with NEA.

What is the process like?

1. Book a site inspection: Our professional assessors will come down for a quick visit to your premises. This will enable us to give you an accurate quote, usually on the spot. Based on your size, location and complexity of premises, our assessor will provide you with advice on the monitoring and control measures your location requires.

2. Review Quotation: Following your discussion with our assessor, we will send you an official quotation for your review.

3. Confirmation: If your are ready to go, communicate your confirmation to us and we'll send you the pest control contract for your SFA food licence submission.

When does the service start?

1. Upon having your licence approved, book your first service with us and our technicians will start the monthly routine at your premises.

2. Request a follow-up service whenever a pest issue arises at your premises.

What happens if SFA finds a pest infestation in my premises?

Having a pest infestation is a serious offence in SFA's Points Demerit System (PDS). You may receive a penalty of 6 demerit points along with a hefty fine.

It is important that you work closely with your pest control provider to ensure that your premises are free of pest infestations. This includes checking the premises regularly for signs of infestation and take immediate actions, which include notifying your pest control provider, if any pest infestation is found.

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