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Cockroaches Control Singapore | Call Pest Exterminators or DIY?

Cockroaches Control Singapore

Humans are programmed to dislike and fear cockroaches. Dislike because they can infest any home regardless of your efforts to maintain top cleanliness and hygiene. And fear because besides emitting a bad smell, these disgusting pests secrete substances from their mouths that cause severe nausea and sensations of vertigo. Worse still, they can spread a whole range of severe diseases like salmonellosis, cholera, and leprosy while triggering allergies and asthma attacks.

Unfortunately, cockroach infestations are a common household problem that many have to deal with. It can especially be challenging to get rid of cockroaches from your home. That's because they hide in numerous places within the house, reproduce rapidly, and have been shown to develop a resistance to even the most effective cockroach pesticides. As such, cockroach control is best left to pest experts for the most effective control and protection results.

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How Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Generally, cockroaches can grow anywhere between 1-2 inches in length. These speedy pests have a flattened, brown-colored body, with long thread-like antennae protruding at the end of their heads. They develop in three stages from egg, nymph, to adult.

They are notoriously difficult to exterminate pests and will attack anywhere they find a good source of food and water. Your kitchen, perhaps? Because they also like filth and dirt, cockroaches will easily contaminate your foods, pastry, and utensils while tainting them with a foul odor. They freely deposit pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that cause food poisoning and illnesses.

They tend to be more active at night when you can barely see them, and during the day, they remain hidden in a dark, hard-to-find area. But that's not to mean that they won't come out of hiding in search of food during the day.

Their mere presence is a total embarrassment to most home and business owners, and they seek to exterminate them rapidly. But, rapid DIY cockroach control is often unsuccessful. To get rid of cockroaches effectively, the process must start with a keen inspection to determine the type of cockroaches invading, the level of infestation, and discover their nests.

Additionally, due to their resistance to most pesticides, the treatment is best left to pest professionals who are trained to combine different treatment methods for successful extermination.

The Most Common Types Of Cockroaches That Invade Homes

It's interesting to know that there are over 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world. Out of this, only 30 of them are categorized as pests. Of the 30, only four have managed to cause trouble for people by stubbornly invading their homes.
Below are the species that should be a cause for alarm inside your house and why you should call a pest expert to exterminate them:

German Cockroaches

They are the most commonly invading species, attacking homes and businesses and making a whole nuisance of themselves. They thrive indoors and enjoy being in the presence of people. You will quickly notice the two darkened lines running in the length of their 1.5 inches long bodies. They have a light brownish color.

These species commonly invade kitchens in search of food, water, and an ideal shelter. They like to make their home in the cracks and crevices beneath your kitchen/washroom sinks, hide behind equipment like fridges, cookers, dishwashing machines, etc. They are pretty active and will travel from room to room and neighboring homes through pipes and wiring. It's quite difficult to exterminate German cockroaches because they breed so rapidly and in massive numbers.

American Cockroaches

Growing up to 1-1.5 inches in length, these reddish/brownish pests can easily be distinguished from the rest thanks to the yellowish band that forms in the areas behind their heads. Unlike the nymphs, the adults have wings, but you'll rarely see them flying.

American cockroaches prefer to live in the dark and damp corners, crawl spaces, leaky pipes, laundry places, faucets, drainage pipes, and sewer tunnels. It's also quite common to spot them outside, and they can travel an impressive distance from their habitats in search of food. Though not as rapid as the German cockroach, the American cockroach also multiplies relatively fast. Successful extermination must involve protecting your home from chances of future re-infestations.

Oriental Cockroaches

Reaching up to 1 inch long, adult Oriental cockroaches are shiny with a black to dark brown color. They also grow wings, but the female wings are much smaller compared to those of the males. Although you'll also commonly find them outside especially hiding in debris and under stones, they also like the dark and moist corners in the basement, crawlspaces, and the cool storage places.

You should be concerned about oriental roaches as they frequently feed on garbage, human waste, rotting material and, as such, poses great sanitation threats. The best thing to do is seek help from a pest exterminator to ensure effective exterminating of the cockroaches from egg, nymph to adult. They'll also treat all hiding spots and render them unattractive to Oriental cockroaches.

Brownbanded Cockroaches

This is another problematic species that you can easily confuse with the German cockroaches. They are oval-shaped and have a darker brown shaped pattern that ends in a translucent border in the area behind their heads. You'll rarely find this species in your kitchen, but they'll be common in other rooms and the ceilings, under furniture, behind wall hangings, and in cabinets.

Just like the German cockroaches, these species can be very stubborn and challenging to exterminate. For instance, they secretively hide their tiny eggs in the furthest to reach places and can easily be missed during DIY treatment. Successful brown-headed termite extermination involves a rigorous inspection of the entire home, followed by a combination of effective terminate treatment.

The Best Cockroaches Control Methods

The first and most crucial step to a successful cockroach control is identifying the exact cockroach species infesting your home. Hence, it becomes pretty challenging for homeowners to eliminate cockroaches because the best treatment method for German roaches differs from that of, say, Oriental, American or Brown-headed roaches.

DIY Cockroaches Control

The best that a homeowner can do is learn how to keep cockroaches away from home in the following ways:

• Wiping all spillages immediately

• Avoid keeping unwashed dishes overnight. Roaches are food lovers, and they aren't picky either.

• Store all food leftovers in sealable containers.

• Employ proper garbage disposal methods and keep bins covered at all times.

• Ensure all cracks and crevices on walls and furniture are sealed

• Eliminate all empty boxes and properly store your piles of books and newspapers as they not only provide free shelter but food as well.

• Fix all places with water spillages, and ensure basements are dry at all times.

• If cockroaches continue infesting, the best thing is to seek help from a pest expert to inspect your home and accurately determine what's attracting the pest and the most effective solution.

The steps above are also the most effective way to get rid of cockroaches from your home naturally.

Professional Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches have been described as the hardest to eliminate type of pests. Partly because the repulsive pest has mastered its skills at hiding out, and will quickly develop a resistance to the commonly used pesticides.

That's where professional pest controllers come in; they will begin by thoroughly inspecting your entire home and compound. From the findings, they'll employ integrated pest control methods (IPM) to ensure complete cockroach extermination. Once your home is rendered cockroach-free and protected from future re-infestations, the expert will advise you on the best way to keep the pests away for good.

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