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Pest Control for Pantry

From rice, sorghum, wheat, and corn, it is estimated that at least 80% of human food is made of wheat. This explains the ants, weevils, cigarette beetles, rodents, and moths snacking on your box of breakfast cereals.

Pantry pests can be brought into the house through products that have already been infested at any point of the supply chain, such as in the warehouse or delivery vehicle. A small number of pantry pests often go unnoticed. But as the population increases, you will begin to notice the bugs in your packaged foods, pantry, and counters.

Pantry pests do not transmit diseases. But they reproduce rapidly and contaminate foods, making them completely unusable! That's why Protect Pest Control experts recommend focusing on the prevention of these pesky pests.

Our pest control experts have the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to eliminate pantry pests in your pantry and kitchen effectively. They will address the infestation by first identifying its source and discarding it completely. Further, effective preventative measures will be implemented to ensure the pests do not make a return.

Types Of Pests In Pantry

Pantry pests are a common household insect problem. Numerous types of pests can infest your pantry due to foods such as flour, cereals, spices, powdered milk, or any other dried goods. Sometimes, you'll find pantry pests crawling, flying, or gathered around places like window sills, dishes, and pans.

Besides damaging foods, pantry pests are relatively harmless as they rarely bite or sting people. However, these invasive creatures can contaminate more food than they eat. Pantry pests multiply and spread rapidly, making it tough to get rid of completely.

After a thorough and free inspection of your home, we will design an integrated pest management program customized to suit your pantry's unique needs. The program focuses on eradicating the pests and ensuring zero chances of future infestations.

Weevils In The Pantry

Weevils are small but mighty creatures. They reproduce rapidly (up to 4 eggs daily) and prefer to hang out in your corn, rice, and oats. They can find their way into your kitchen from your yard and can also be brought indoors through already infested foods.

Damping all infested foods and cleaning the pantry can help reduce the number of weevils. However, a professional pest controller will completely eliminate the problem and ensure zero chances of re-infestations.

Controlling Weevils In The Pantry

Numerous types of weevils can infest a pantry. Each species has a unique biology that requires a unique treatment to exterminate completely. After a complete analysis, we implement a safe and integrated pest management (IPM) plan to get rid of weevils from your pantry. Food safety is at the core of our pest control treatments for pantries. Part of our IPM includes;

Gel baiting: the expert will strategically place safe and highly effective gel baits in places commonly infested by weevils. The bait attracts weevils from your pantry, and it does not kill them instantly upon consumption. This gives them enough time to move back to their nest, infect other weevils, and potentially kill theentire colony.

Non-toxic treatment: a safe and environmentally friendly treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to exterminate all the weevils and provide long-term residual protection.

Ants In Pantry

Ants are a common pest problem for homeowners throughout the world! Most ant species have a sweet tooth, and you'll often find them feasting on your sugary foods, fats, and proteins. Although they rarely transmit diseases, finding ants in your box of favorite breakfast cereals can be pretty disturbing and gross!
There is a massive variety of DIY ant treatments available on the market. However, effective ant control almost always needs a professional pest control service to eliminate the invaders and keep them away for good.

Controlling Ants In Pantry

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your home to identify the specific ant species causing you trouble, the level of the infestation, and the factors attracting them to your home. Based on these findings, the technician will customize a pest control plan that effectively gets rid of the ants while protecting your pantry from future re-infestations.

Gel baiting: Gel baits are safe and highly effective against ants. The active ingredient in the bait attracts ants but does not kill them instantly upon consumption. The ants will move back to their nests and infect other ants, potentially killing the entire colony.

Non-toxic treatment: a safe and highly effective ant treatment is sprayed on ant-infested areas to kill the pests and create an effective barrier against re-infestations.

Cockroaches In Pantry

These notorious cousins of termites are a headache for most homeowners. The species that commonly invade pantries is German cockroaches. It helps to know that these pests prefer to hide in the warm, dark, and moist corners.

Roaches feed on filth and decaying trash. They then contaminate your foods and drinks with the collected pathogens. Their droppings can also trigger allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, these hardy pests can be so hard to get rid of. If you have a cockroach infestation, you will need professional help to exterminate the pests completely.

Controlling cockroaches In pantry

Protect Pest Control technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. They are certified to apply NEA-approved cockroach treatments to eradicate an infestation and prevent recurrence of the problem. The experts thoroughly understand the biology of all cockroach species and will use this knowledge to develop a cockroach control program for your pantry.

Gel baiting: The experts will apply small bait dots in cockroach activity areas and hiding spots. The amount of treatment applied depends on the level of the infestation. The roaches will carry the bait back to their nests, infect other roaches and kill the entire colony.

Non-toxic Residual Spraying: We spray targeted areas using an environmentally safe and highly effective solution. The treatment also acts as a chemical barrier from future pest problems.

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