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Pest Control for Supermarkets

The very things that attract customers to your supermarket could also be attracting pests! With a massive variety of foods and readily available moisture, supermarkets face threats from multiple pest species.

In addition, these establishments often stock hundreds of thousands of products from different sources with a network of supply chains. Hence, systematic monitoring and control procedures are required to prevent pest threats for products brought into the store.

Supermarkets are subject to stringent regulations and rules regarding the health, safety, and quality standards of all food items. We understand that if handled incorrectly, pest problems can result in negative consequences like damaged reputation, loss of customers' trust, severe fines from authorities, prosecution by public health, and even closure of the business.

Our pest control professionals are trained and licensed to assess and effectively control pest threats in supermarkets and grocery stores. They will establish an effective pest barrier around your establishment and maintain it through regular inspections and treatments. In addition, we provide accurate and up-to-date pest management documentation that includes pest activities, pest control measures, monitoring regime, and records of staff training to give you a good score come audit time.

Types Of Pests In Supermarkets

Pests are nothing but trouble in a supermarket! They can bring serious legal consequences, economic losses, threaten public health, and devastate operations. Besides that, invaders like rats and mice can destroy pipes, electrical wiring, machinery, and the sewer system.

Pests' presence in your supermarket is a big NO! Unfortunately, however, keeping pests away from your business can be extremely challenging given that the warm Singapore weather provides the ideal conditions for pests to reproduce and thrive.

To maintain the required sanitation standards and actively prevent pest threats, you need to work closely with a licensed pest control company. Protect Pest Control provides a robust and routine pest management plan for your business. We help you maintain high standards of food safety and protect your staff, customers, and business' reputation.

Rodents In Supermarkets

Rodents can't resist the lure of food supplies in a supermarket. These creatures enjoy easy access to food and water. Hence, they make their nests or shelter very close to the food source.

A single rodent can eat approximately 30g of food daily! Rodents reproduce rapidly in supermarkets, given the abundant food availability and ample nesting sites that protect them from predators. Rats and mice pose significant threats to your business, such as:
I. Damaging food containers/packaging
II. Contaminating food with urine and droppings
III. spreading ectoparasites like ticks,fleas,mites, and lice

Controlling Rodents In Supermarkets

A supermarket is a zero-tolerance environment! Our qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect the entire facility and design a highly effective pest management plan customized to suit your supermarket's pest control needs.

The plan is geared towards eliminating all rodent harborage areas in and around the facility, preventing access to food and water, and sealing all entry points such as cracks, cabling, and pipes to prevent future infestations.

Rodent Traps: Rodent traps are the best alternative to poison treatments. These humane traps have a stealthy design that allows the experts to strategically place them in rodent activity areas and pathways. They are designed with a visible monitor that instantly indicates once a rat/mouse is trapped. The rodent is safely and hygienically disposed of.

Bait Stations: These tamper-resistant devices are designed with an opening that only lets rodents in to feed on the poisonous bait. The expert places the bait station in restricted areas where food is not processed for successful and safe control results.

Flies In Supermarkets

Numerous fly species can infest a supermarket or grocery store due to food smells. From house flies, drain flies to fruit flies, these unsightly pests pose significant threats to public health in a supermarket. They often feed on rotting foods, organic waste materials, and sewage waste. Flies can contaminate the fresh foods on display in the supermarket, posing serious health risks.

Although they have a short life cycle, these filthy pests multiply rapidly. Hence, they require expert knowledge to exterminate completely.

Controlling Flies In Supermarkets

Pest control in the food retail sector requires humane, non-toxic, and hygienic measures. Expertise is also needed to identify the specific flies species invading and determine their attractants and breeding habits. This knowledge is used to identify where traps should be placed and the ideal monitoring regime. Exclusion measures such as window screens, appropriate door designs, and UV light traps may also be implemented.

Flying insect control traps: effective traps such as light traps are strategically placed in target areas to attract, trap and kill all types of flies.

Residual sprays: non-toxic residual treatments are sprayed in target areas for complete extermination while destroying all breeding sites.

Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes are strategically placed in places with frequent flies to kill the pests immediately upon consumption.

Cockroaches In Supermarkets

Cockroaches pose serious problems in food retail businesses. Spotting one cockroach in your supermarket may be a sign that many others are hiding nearby. The warmth and easy access to food and water allow roaches to breed and spread rapidly in your facility.

These hardy pests are challenging to exterminate. Roaches are becoming nearly 'impossible' to kill and are increasingly developing a resistance to the commonly used insecticides. Besides that, roaches have a flexible exoskeleton that allows them to hide in the tiniest cracks and crevices, making it even more challenging to control them.

Controlling Cockroaches In Supermarkets

Numerous cockroach species can invade a supermarket. Every cockroach species has varied biology and requires extensive treatment to get rid of completely. We thoroughly inspect your facility to determine the exact cockroach species causing you trouble.

The expert will customize an integrated pest management plan that involves eliminating all sources of food, water, and shelter without the use of toxic chemicals. Potential entry points like cracks and crevices are also sealed to prevent the omnivorous scavengers from re-infesting.

Gel baiting: The bait is formulated with a highly effective active ingredient that attracts roaches and kills them upon consumption. Small bait dots are applied in cracks, crevices, and other cockroach activity areas to exterminate the entire infestation.

Non-toxic Residual Spraying: Environmentally friendly and effective spray treatments are applied in targeted areas to eradicate roaches and create a protective barrier from future infestations.

Ants In Supermarkets

Ants are considered a nuisance pest rather than a food safety threat. However, the opportunistic feeders have a sweet tooth and can infest packaged foods, food preparation areas, and shelving. Note that ants can pick up bacteria from waste storage areas and contaminate fresh foods. They easily invade your supermarket via the smallest gaps, thanks to their tiny body size.

Controlling Ants In Supermarkets

It can be difficult to control ants given that there are numerous invasive ant species, each of which requires a unique treatment method. Protect Pest Control utilizes an effective solution for that safely controls and manages ant infestations in food retail businesses.

Gel baiting: Gel baits are safe and highly effective in the food retail industry. The bait attracts ants, and once they feed on it, they carry it back to their nests, infecting and killing the entire colony.

Non-toxic treatment: an effective and non-toxic ant treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to kill ants and destroy their nests. The treatment also creates an effective protective barrier against future infestations.

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