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Pest Control for Children Indoor Playgrounds

Children playgrounds, whether indoor or outdoor, provide all the requirements for numerous types of pests to survive, including food, water, and shelter.

Exposure to dust mites, cockroaches, and rodents can trigger asthma episodes in infants and children. Besides pest-related health concerns, invaders such as bed bugs can have a serious emotional impact on young children.

Specific standards must be met when it comes to managing pests in indoor & outdoor playgrounds in Singapore! Children's safety from pests and pesticides is a primary concern for our pest control experts.

We acknowledge that pesticides are toxic substances designed to kill/repel pests and, if used irresponsibly, may result in long-term health harm, serious injuries, or even death! That's because young children and infants may touch the treated surfaces or put objects in their mouths and unknowingly expose themselves to pesticide residues.

To keep playgrounds safe and free of pests, we routinely inspect the area and ONLY use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. IPM is an environmentally friendly and less costly option that effectively manages pests in playgrounds using a combination of common-sense practices. This way, our technicians are able to block pests out, remove their sources of food & water and destroy their nests with little need for pesticides and zero exposure to children.

Types of Pests In Indoor Playgrounds

Many conditions promote the survival and reproduction of pests in indoor and outdoor playgrounds in Singapore. These include favorable temperatures, readily available food and water, and many harborage areas. The most effective way to deal with pests is by making the playground completely inhospitable to the unwanted guests. This can be achieved by limiting their access to sources of food, water, and shelter.

Protect Pest Control implements an integrated pest management plan that focuses on proactive measures to prevent pest issues before they become a problem. Our qualified experts do a thorough inspection in and around the playground to identify possible pest threats.

Using professional knowledge of pest biology, the experts will customize the best plan of action against the offending invaders. The action plan involves interventions aimed at safely eradicating the pest while preventing chances of future infestations.

Cockroaches In Indoor Playgrounds

Cockroaches prefer warm environments close to food and water. Hence, it's not uncommon to find them in playgrounds. Unfortunately, these nasty pests carry and spread more than 30 different types of bacteria. Roaches are well known for causing allergies and triggering asthma attacks, especially in children.
Roaches are filthy pests that crawl through dirty areas like garbage cans, recycle bins, and sewers. They then deposit the collected bacteria and germs in food and water. Roaches can also contaminate food by shedding their skins and waste byproducts.

Controlling Cockroaches In Indoor Playgrounds

A quick and effective response is vital to preventing cockroaches from breeding and spreading throughout the playground.

Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection in and around the playground to determine factors attracting roaches. Backed by many years of experience, they will customize an effective cockroach control plan for your playground. This plan focuses on completely eradicating the existing roaches, destroying their nests, and protecting the playground against chances of reinfestations.

Gel Baiting: Gel baits have a fast knockdown effect and are highly effecient in eradicating cockroaches outdoor. The experts will strategically place small gel dots in pest-infested areas away from children's reach. The bait attracts roaches and kills them fast but not instantly. This buys the cockroaches enough time to return to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the roaches, eradicating an entire colony.

Bait stations: This is a modern cockroach control method that exterminates roaches in indoor playgrounds. The effectiveness of bait stations takes advantage of cockroach cannibalistic tendencies. The bait station kills roaches nonstop and prevents chances of reinfestations by destroying cockroach nests. They are child-resistant, and non-target animals cannot access the bait.

Bed Bugs In Indoor Playgrounds

Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases. But these tiny insects can cause serious psychological and emotional distress with nightmares and flashbacks, especially in children. They pierce through the skin to suck blood, leaving behind itchy bites that occur in a row and are easily identified by a raised red bump. Some children may be allergic to bed bug bites, and repeated scratching at the bite area can lead to secondary skin infections.

Controlling Bed Bugs In Indoor Playgrounds

Protect Pest Control provides a quick and effective response plan in the event of bed bug infestations in indoor & outdoor playgrounds Singapore. We are equipped with the appropriate products and techniques to safely eradicate bed bugs and provide the best results. On top of that, we educate your staff to identify bed bugs and report signs of an infestation for early treatment. We also train them on the best ways to minimize bed bug infestation risks within the facility.

Instant killing pesticides: As part of our IPM, we strictly use NEA-approved pesticides that have been confirmed safe for application in children's centers! Our professional technicians will treat all potential bed bug hiding spots with the least-toxic and highly effective pesticide. The treatment rapidly eradicates all bed bugs and bed bug eggs while providing long-term residue protection.

Ants In Indoor Playgrounds

Ants seem to be everywhere! And an ant invasion is not uncommon in indoor & outdoor playgrounds. Children love to snack anywhere in the playground, and the crumbs that fall and litter the area are extremely attractive to ants. Besides being a nuisance, ants can cause unpleasant bites or stings in children.

Controlling Ants In Indoor Playgrounds

Effectively getting rid of ants in indoor & outdoor playgrounds in Singapore requires killing the entire ant colony, including the queen and brood. Our pest control technicians employ a two-category plan to deal with ant infestations. This includes repellents and NEA-approved insecticides.

Repellents are typically used to create a protective barrier that discourages ants from entering the playground, while insecticides are used to kill all existing ants. For safe application, we use insecticides both in bait and spray form as follows:

Gel baiting: The assigned technician will keenly inspect the facility to discover ant activity areas and nests. They strategically place the safe and highly effective gel baits in these areas. The bait attracts the ants and doesn't kill them instantly upon consumption. This allows them just enough time to move back to the nest and share the insecticide with other ants, including the queen and brood, potentially exterminating the entire colony.

Non-toxic treatment: Safe, authentic, and high effective spray treatment is applied on all target areas to kill ants and offer long-term residue protection.

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