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Pest Control for Commercial Kitchens

Unfortunately, kitchens provide the three most essential requirements for pests to thrive; food, water, and shelter. Even though kitchen staff and janitors strive to maintain a clean and healthy environment, bugs have a knack for infesting kitchens.

Pests in a commercial kitchen pose significant risks to public health and the entire business. In fact, all countries have stringent regulations regarding the sanitation and hygiene of the hospitality industry. A broad part of these requirements includes actively solving pest problems to prevent food contamination. Hospitality businesses that don't comply may be subject to fines, court cases, and even closure.

Pest control for commercial kitchens Singapore is a bit trickier compared to residential pest control. The pest exterminator must provide a safe environment for employees and customers, and also implement quality pest control measures that ensure food safety!

Protect Pest Control utilizes safe and legal pest management methods to protect the well-being of guests and staff. Our qualified pest control professionals understand the adequate measures that must be taken to prevent pests from causing contaminations. They will keenly evaluate your premises and design a pest management program that effectively meets your needs, ensuring round-the-clock protection against pests.

Types Of Pests In Commercial Kitchens

Many pests threaten commercial kitchens, including cockroaches, rodents, ants, and flies. Unfortunately, most of these pests are known to spread severe diseases by contaminating foods, putting the health of your customers at risk. All employees of a commercial kitchen must be vigilant to ensure that foods presented to customers and guests are prepared and served in a clean and healthy environment.

We provide a free and thorough inspection of your commercial kitchen. Based on the findings, we will customize a comprehensive pest management plan to ensure the smooth running of activities without interruption by nuisance pests.

Rodents In Commercial Kitchens

Rodents such as rats and mice are primarily attracted to a commercial kitchen due to favorable conditions such as warmth, food debris, water, and lots of nesting places. These nocturnal pests are excellent climbers and will easily squeeze into your kitchen via unimaginably small openings.

Once inside your facility, rodents commonly hide in crawlspaces, storage boxes, sewers, attics, wall voids, and basements. These pests carry over 100 dangerous pathogens and are capable of spreading food-borne diseases such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis. In addition, rodents carry other pests like ticks, lice, and fleas, which also spread diseases. They can also damage buildings, appliances, and food containers by constantly gnawing on them.

Controlling Rodents In Commercial Kitchens

We implement an effective pest management program for your commercial kitchen. This program includes destroying all possible harbourage areas in and around your building, eliminating food & water sources, and effectively preventing access to your facility. In addition, we provide 24/7 pest monitoring and control to ensure your commercial kitchen meets all food safety, legislative, and auditing requirements.

Rodent Traps: Rodent traps typically have a stealthy design that allows us to strategically place them in rodent activity areas and pathways. A non-poisonous food bait is put in the trap to catch the rodents without killing or injuring them. The trapped animal is then transported and safely disposed of elsewhere.

Bait Stations: These sizeable, usually plastic containers, are tamper-resistant. They are designed with a small opening that allows only rodents to enter. Inside the station is a highly toxic bait that kills the rats/mice upon consumption. Note that non-target animals cannot access the bait!

Cockroaches In Commercial Kitchens

Cockroaches are a huge concern for commercial kitchens. These filthy pests have a small size that allows them to invade your facility via cracks and crevices. Kitchens provide nearly all the conditions required for roaches to breed and thrive, including moisture, warmth, and food.

Once they invade, roaches hide in the dark, hard-to-reach areas like drains, cracks, crevices, sewers, and more. Besides breeding rapidly, cockroaches pose potential hazards and threats. For instance, roach fecal matter can contaminate foods and cause food-borne diseases. Their skin also triggers asthma, while their droppings leave unsightly stains and an unpleasant musty odor.

Controlling Cockroaches In Commercial Kitchens

Strict regulations must be upheld when controlling cockroaches in food handling and storage areas to ensure foods are not contaminated with chemicals. Protect Pest Control recognizes the sensitivity of a commercial kitchen. Hence, we utilize highly effective and chemical-free control methods to eradicate and keep cockroaches away from your facility.

Gel baiting: Our technicians will inspect and apply gel baits in outdoor cockroach activity areas and common hiding spots like cracks and crevices. The gel works by enticing roaches to eat the bait as a food source, eventually consuming the insecticide within it. The cockroaches live long enough to carry the insecticide to their nest, infecting the entire colony.

Non-toxic Residual Spraying: This environmentally friendly solution is proven highly effective against cockroaches. Our experts will inspect and spray targeted areas to eradicate the pests and create a protective barrier to prevent chances of future infestations.

Ants In Commercial Kitchens

Ants are frequent and persistent invaders in commercial kitchens. They commonly build their nests in moist places like around the sink, water pipes, leaking faucets, and beneath toilets. Though they are not known to carry or spread any diseases in the same way as rodents and roaches, ants still pose health risks. For instance, ants will forage for food in trash cans and toilets that potentially harbor dangerous bacteria. They can easily transfer the bacteria to your food, causing food-borne diseases such as salmonella.

Unfortunately, ants will get into your commercial kitchen without much trouble. As with most other insects, sighting two ants every day could mean that there are hundreds of others hiding within your facility.

Controlling Ants In Commercial Kitchens

It can be significantly difficult for business owners to control ants on their own. They tend to have multiple queens. Unless controlled early and effectively, the infestation can break up into many colonies that harbor in different areas within your facility.

We thoroughly inspect your entire building to identify the ant species causing you trouble. We then customize an effective integrated pest management plan that includes, but is not limited to:

Gel baiting: We identify ant activity areas and pathways. Gel baits are strategically placed in these areas to attract pests. Once the ants feed on the toxic bait, they carry it back to their nests and infect the entire colony.

Non-toxic treatment: A safe and environmentally friendly treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to eradicate the ants and create a long-term protection barrier from future infestations.

Flies In Commercial Kitchens

Flies are a big issue for commercial kitchens. Whether you're dealing with fruit flies, house flies, phorid flies, or drain flies, these nasty pests can be extremely hazardous to your kitchen in many ways.

They carry and spread over 200 disease-causing pathogens and have been linked to the spread of severe diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis, dysentery, and more. They also collect bacteria and germs from trash cans and faeces and deposit them in food, utensils, and food preparation areas.

Controlling Flies In Commercial Kitchens

To control flies effectively, we render your kitchen completely unattractive to the pests by eliminating all possible food and water sources and destroying their breeding sites. Our trained experts will tailor an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that will effectively and hygienically control flies, keeping them away from your building.

Flying insect control traps: we inspect your entire building and strategically place highly effective fly control traps that harness the power of LED technology. The traps attract and trap the flies, preventing the risk of food contamination.

Residual sprays: As part of our IPM, our technicians will use non-toxic sprays in target places like breeding and activity areas.

Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes will be placed in areas with flies activities. The pests will die upon bait consumption.

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