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Pest Control for Condominiums

Condominium pest infestations can get very frustrating for everyone involved. That's because an infestation can begin in one unit and spread rapidly throughout the entire building. A condominium is a building structure with several privately owned units and is often surrounded by common areas like yards, swimming pools, tennis courts, BBQ pits, etc.

Unfortunately, these structures present convenient shelter and food sources for the most common condo pests. If left untreated, a small invasion will quickly turn into a massive infestation, resulting in dire consequences like wrecked unit walls, holes in ceilings and roofs, damaged electric and ventilation systems, and spread of serious diseases.

Our condominium pest control experts in Singapore are committed to providing unsurpassed quality services to give every unit renter or owner their most deserved peace of mind. With an emphasis on client privacy and safety, we provide quick and efficient solutions to any pest infestations. Our experts use advanced and smart eco-friendly solutions to guarantee total pest extermination, protection, and prevention of re-infestation.

Types of Pests in Condominiums

Being a multifamily housing structure, condominiums can encourage pest infestations. There are numerous ways that pests can infest, including pests nesting in construction materials, pests moving in with new tenants/frequent travelers, improper garbage disposal, unmaintained drainages and sewers, and more.

Exclusion and restriction are crucial to managing pest problems in a condo. We achieve this by thoroughly inspecting the entire building to determine the level of infestation, the exact type of pest problem, pest entry points, and what's attracting them to the premises. We then take you through your best options and recommend a customized plan that will get rid of all pest harbourage and seal off any potential entry points.

Rodents in Condos

Rodent problems in Singapore have worsened in the last years. Though they have poor sight and are color blind, rodents have a high sense of smell and taste. They are excellent swimmers and climbers and will squeeze through the smallest gaps to reach a food source.

Rodents can be devastating and especially risky once they've infested. Besides contaminating food and spreading diseases, they also like to constantly gnaw on wiring and have been reported to cause electrical fires.

Controlling Rodents in Condos

Individual rodent species behave differently, requiring the pest expert to customize a unique treatment method that will exterminate the pest effectively. We integrate multiple control methods and utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results.

Rodent Traps: Traps are especially effective as they eliminate rodents safely without the use of poisons. Thanks to their stealthy design, the expert will strategically place them in activity areas and rodent pathways. They come with a visible monitor that indicates once a rodent is trapped. The trap is safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait Stations: Bait stations are tamper resistance and highly attractive to rodents. They are designed with openings that only rats/mice can fit in, while protecting children, pets, and non-target family animals from accessing the bait. For a successful campaign, the expert will locate the station in areas with rodent activity.

Cockroaches in Condos

Cockroach infestations in Singapore condominiums are a common and ongoing concern. Over time, these sneaky pests have developed an ability to squeeze even through the tiniest cracks to access food and water. Besides being terribly annoying, roaches can spread severe diseases like salmonellosis and typhoid.

Controlling cockroaches in Condos

The expert will first determine the type of cockroaches being eliminated. There are three most common types of cockroaches in Singapore: American, German, and Brown-banded cockroaches. Each of these species requires a unique treatment plan to eradicate. Using appropriate tools, the expert will also locate where the cockroaches are coming from and destroy their nest to prevent re-infestations.

Gel Baiting: small gel dots are strategically placed in cracks and other pest-infested areas. Cockroaches are attracted to the bait smell, and after eating it, they don't succumb immediately. This allows them enough time to return to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony.

Bait stations: bait stations get rid of the cockroach invasions from the source while destroying their nests. They are child-resistant and specially designed to protect non-target pets. Bait stations kill the cockroaches nonstop and ensure protection from re-occurrences.

Bed Bugs in Condos

Like apartments, Singapore condominiums are not immune to bed bug infestations. They quickly spread from one unit to another through tiny cracks, crawling on walls, electric wiring, and ceilings. While there are two common species of bed bugs in Singapore condos (Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus). These pests are a headache for everyone, especially because they are pretty challenging to get rid of on your own.

Controlling Bed Bugs in Condos

Because of the humidity and climate here in Singapore, bed bugs tend to multiply exceedingly fast, and in just a few months, you'll be dealing with thousands of them. Our experts will do a keen inspection to determine the root cause/source of the problem and their hiding spots. The most effective treatment will be applied and continuous monitoring to ensure zero chances of re-infestations.

Instant killing pesticides: part of our IPM is treating all potential bed bug hiding spots using the best bed bug solutions with a fast-knock down effect. The treatment provides a long-term residue effect so that your condo remains protected from future re-infestations.

Flies in Condos

Flies infestations are a nightmare in Singaporean Condos. These annoying creatures have been linked to spreading approximately 60 diseases! While most fly species like house flies and fruit flies are attracted to fermenting fruits, heat, light, and garbage, others like drain flies are attracted to raw sewage. They spread diseases like food poisoning, typhoid, and dysentery by defecating and regurgitating on food and food preparation surfaces.

Controlling Flies in Condos

Seeing as flies can potentially harm both pets and humans, they must be eliminated fast and effectively. Successful fly control involves killing the visible flies and even those that can't be seen, their eggs, and eliminating breeding areas.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position the latest and highly reliable units such as light traps and baited traps in specific areas to attract and trap the flies for complete extermination.

Residual spraying: we use fly foaming/sprays as part of our integrated pest management plan. They are applied on pest resting areas to exterminate and eliminate breeding sites, especially in hard-to-reach spots.

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