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Pest Control for New House | What to Look Out For

Pest Control For New House

Sad to say, whether you're building a new home or moving into an older flat, pests will not keep away. 'Buyer beware' is a phrase especially practical when it comes to pest infestations in new homes.

Older and newly constructed homes alike are highly vulnerable to pest infestations, mainly because of the cracks and small gaps along the foundation. This allows for free pest movements from their nests into your home.

The assumption that brand new homes do not require pest management services is misleading and can cost homeowners expensive repairs. Homes are not constructed on ideal factory environments, meaning pests of all kinds can access your property undeterred and establish extensive colonies.

Additionally, construction materials are often left outside in damp conditions, giving a good opportunity for pests like termites to infest. The only way to prevent pest invasions in new homes is by having an expert do an accurate inspection and exterminate or protect your home from chances of infestations.

The Most Common Pests To Look Out For In New Houses

Rodent Infestations

Mice are an opportunistic pest that commonly infests new homes and buildings. Note that mice create their burrows underground to stay protected from predators. During the constriction of your new home, vegetation and trees often have to be cleared first. This, in turn, disturbs mice's natural habitat and other underground pests like subterranean termites.

It's obvious that the pests will now want to seek a new and 'safer' home. When relocating, the mice will likely move too close to your new home, increasing the chances of infestations.

Subterranean Termites Infestations

Termites are not afraid to retaliate and compete for space once their homes are disturbed. There are high chances that your new home has some wooden structures like furniture, roof, or even floor. These destructive pests are attracted to wood. Hence, when searching for a new home, termites often attack your wooden property and destroy it from inside out.

Additionally, the wood used during the construction of your new home is often carelessly left outside. Once it gets slightly wet/damp, termites will quickly infest and hide deep within the wood.

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Ants Infestations

These little guys build their mounds from beneath the soil, pushing them outwards. A new construction disturbs these mounds causing the ants to invade your home. Like termites, they can also invade the building materials and thus creating a pre-existing ant infestation.

Spider attacks

The small spaces and gaps left in the foundation of your home or your attached garage are big enough for spiders and other crawling pets to access your home. While spiders may be beneficial in deterring and eating other pests, they are venomous and pose danger to you, your loved ones, and pets. You're better off calling a pest control expert to exterminate, treat and protect your home.

Professional Pest Control Services For HDB Flats

HDB flats, whether a BTO or resale, are highly prone to pest infestations. With the frequency of new owners moving in and others moving out, it's pretty common for pests to invade. As such, it's very challenging for the property owner to determine where, when, or how the pests got into their house. Sadly, it's even more difficult for the property owner to keep pests away from their house or get rid of them once they invade.

While pest infestations in HDB flats will see the owner incur huge losses, some measures can be taken to exterminate pest invasions and protect the house from any chance of future re-infestations. Professional Pest Control in Singapore is the only effective way to completely get rid of the pests.

Once you contact a professional pest control company, highly trained technicians will be sent to your flat. They will embark on a thorough inspection of the entire house. While at it, they will discover all the possible pest entry points, factors that may be attracting the pests into your flat, the exact type of pest causing your renters trouble, and the level of the Infestation.

They will then discuss with you and recommended the most effective pest control measures for the house. Upon your approval, they will outline the best way to prepare the house for aggressive and thorough treatment while sealing all pest entry points. Once your apartment is rendered pest-free, the technicians will do follow-ups to ensure the apartment is safe from any chance of future re-infestations.

How To Keep Pests Away From Your HDB Flat

Below, we provide you professional tips on how to naturally get rid of and keep pests away from your house:

• Seal all cracks, crevices, and holes along the perimeter of your house that may be allowing pest infestations from outside.

• Ensure all leaking roofs, cracking walls, ceilings, and floors are fixed.

• Always keep the balcony or service yard completely dry so that moisture does not accumulate to provide pests the water they so desperately need for survival.

• Get rid of any stagnant water and ensure all aquariums are regularly monitored and well maintained.

• Contact a pest control company to do regular inspections to detect early signs of pest infestations in your house.

Professional Pest Control Services For Landed Houses

Newly built bungalows and terraces are particularly prone to pest infestations for the reasons discussed at the beginning of this article. Unfortunately, few pests that may have invaded your house during construction will breed and result in a massive, full-blown infestation soon. The bigger problem is, most homeowners do not realize or even suspect an ongoing pest activity in their new homes or terraces. If left unattended, the pests will cause insurmountable damages, and the only solution will be to dispose of your precious property soon.

To avoid such risks and have your much-deserved peace of mind in your new terrace, the best thing to do is call a pest control expert in Singapore to embark upon a thorough inspection once the construction of your home is finished. The good news is that experts are highly trained to detect even the earliest signs of a pest attack.

Upon a rigorous inspection of your entire home and compound, the pest exterminator will find out if there's any looming pest danger and whether there are any pest entry points in your house. They will also inspect the vegetation in your yard for any hiding pests and find out if your fencing can allow pests from the outside.

This way, the exterminators will determine whether you need professional pest treatment and what measures they'll employ to protect your home from a potential infestation. They will also advise you on the best way to keep pests away from your new bungalow or terrace. Regular follow-ups will also be provided to ensure your new property remains pest-free around the calendar.

How To Keep Pests Away From Your Landed House

While it's pretty challenging to exterminate pests on your own from a terrace as it's quite an extensive area, it's also very difficult to get rid of an invasion from your bungalow thanks to their unparalleled hiding skills.

Luckily, you can employ the expert tips below to keep the pests away:

• Maintain maximum cleanliness in your terrace or bungalow; wipe all spillages as soon as they occur, sweep away any food crumbs and even the smallest morsels to deny the pests all access to food and water.

• Plants like rosemary have been known to repel and keep pest attacks away. You should consider planting some rosemary or even plant some garlic.

• Maintain proper garbage disposal by emptying the bin regularly and keeping it closed at all times.

• Inspect your home for any leakages, cracks, or crevices and have them sealed efficiently.

• Vacuum regularly and eliminate all dirt and leaves from your terrace to eliminate all possible pest hiding spots.

• Contact a pest control company in Singapore to arrange an inspection of your entire property and protect your home from potential pest invasions.

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