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Pest Control for Construction

Occasionally, businesses and homes will want to expand, renovate or add a new construction. The construction process disturbs pest's natural habitats, like termites beneath the soil, prompting them to look for a new shelter, food, warmth, and water. Often, the pests will take shelter in your new home and cause severe damages without you even suspecting their presence.

To ensure effective pest control for construction in Singapore, we work closely with constructors to develop a proactive pest management program to prevent pest issues around the construction. Our highly trained pest professionals will survey the site and review the construction plan to identify potential pest threats.

Types of Pests in Construction Sites

With numerous places to hide, make shelter, and easy access to food and water, construction sites provide a perfect target for all types of nuisance pests. Pest infestations will destroy the incomplete structure, damage raw materials, and pose health and safety risks for your workers.

Termites in Construction Sites

Termites are one of the worst property damaging pests giving business owners sleepless nights. They cause insurmountable structural and property damages, resulting in frustrating repairs and, in severe cases, disposing and replacing the entire property.

Unless a termite infestation is combated early and effectively, it can cause injuries and death when the building collapses. These dangerous pests will begin causing damages as soon as they invade, making termite control in construction Singapore more important than ever.

Controlling Termites in Construction Sites

The best way to protect your property from termite damages is by adopting proactive measures to keep the destructive pests away. Detecting signs of a termite infestation early will reduce potential property damages and the risk of your structure collapsing in the future.

When it comes to protecting your construction from termites or exterminating a preexisting infestation, you want to ensure that you're dealing with a professional, licensed, and experienced pest control company. Protect Pest Control termite technicians will quickly and successfully get rid of pest threats to ensure your peace of mind and property safety. Our experts are continuously trained to stay up-to-date with the latest and most effective control methods and equipment.

We offer a huge range of termite control and protection treatment options that are customized to meet your specific needs as follows:

Pre-construction termite control Singapore: this is a proactive termite protection system used to guarantee security for your family and protect your establishments and properties from chances of termite infestations. The expert will effectively treat the soil upon which your facility is being constructed and create a pest protection barrier around the perimeter of your building to repel and keep termites away long-term.

Post-construction termite control Singapore: once your facility is constructed, termites (often subterranean termites) will create a pathway from the soil and infest your building via any cracks on your foundation and floors. Post-construction termite control involves treating the soil around your facility foundation with highly effective treatments that work to kill the pests upon contact while repelling others.

If termites get in contact with the injected liquid termiticide, it doesn't kill them immediately. This allows them enough time to crawl back to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony. This method is highly effective even for an existing infestation as the treatment works to kill and ward off termites from your building.

Rodents in Construction Sites

Rodents are infamous for gnawing and causing property damages. They quickly destroy exposed structures during construction like electrical wiring, wooden materials, and pipes.

Controlling Rodents in Construction Sites

Rodents are one of the most cunning and intelligent creatures that can invade an ongoing construction. They quickly master their easy around the site and start causing damages to valuable items without you even noticing.

These big menaces will also spread diseases like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and Tularemia by contaminating constructors' food. To eliminate the infestation successfully, the pest exterminators will begin by doing a detailed inspection to discover the rodent species and their nests. They will work closely with your constructors to ensure your building is pest-free and protected from future infestation threats:

Rodent traps: traps equipped with a monitor are positioned in rodent activity areas. The monitor indicates once a rodent is trapped. The pest is humanely disposed of thereafter.

Bait stations: tamper-resistant bait stations are strategically positioned in places where rats and mice frequent. Bait stations work to lure the rodents, trap and kill them upon bait consumption.

Cockroaches in Construction Sites

Cockroaches can become a big problem when there is an ongoing construction. They multiply rapidly and can be challenging to get rid of when the infestation is full-blown. These pests pose constructors to diseases by contaminating their food and releasing spores into the air.

Construction sites make an ideal cockroach habitat because of the readily available food in places where workers take their meals. The piles of construction materials present also present a suitable hiding place for roaches and rodents.

Controlling Cockroaches In Construction

While constructors should be keen on waste disposal like food leftovers and cardboards, a pest control expert should install highly effective bait boxes on the exterior, around the perimeter of your construction site to repel and keep cockroaches as well as other pests away.

Gel baiting: The expert will apply small bait dots linearly in places where the roaches frequent and close to their harborage. Once the pests get in contact with the bait, they carry it back to their source, thereby killing the entire colony.

Residual Spraying: We spray targeted areas to control cockroaches using an environmentally safe and highly effective solution. The treatment also acts as a chemical barrier from future pest problems.

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