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Pest Control for Offices

Unfortunately, your business is not immune to pest infestations. Most pests do not discriminate destination as long as there's warmth, food, water, and a safe place to breed a colony. It's not uncommon for bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, flies, and occasional invaders to attack your office.

The presence of pests in your business environment is especially distressing for your staff and quite uncomfortable for your customers. The result is a dramatic decrease in productivity, regular absenteeism, increased medical costs, and reduced profit realization. Besides, pests like termites will also cause insurmountable damages to your structures and building, while others like rodents destroy computer equipment and electric wiring.

Our office pest control services Singapore employ an integrated pest management approach that focuses on pest extermination, pest prevention, and eliminating all possible pest attractants into your business premises.

After a detailed site evaluation, the expert will determine what factors have facilitated the pest problem and tailor an effective treatment plan around it. To ensure a smooth work operation with little to no disruptions, we apply nonchemical and odorless treatments that guarantee continued protection from future reoccurrences.

Pests in Offices

Because customers are constantly coming in and out of the front entrance, the open doors serve as a common pest entry point in offices. Smaller pests like cockroaches can easily penetrate your business through cracks on walls and establish a home. Others like bedbugs can hitchhike on deliveries and new stock.

Cockroaches in Offices

Cockroaches are a loathsome pest that frequently infests offices in Singapore. That's because of the tropical climates and readily available food in pantries. Cockroaches in Singapore are relatively large than their counterparts in others places of the world. Once these risky pests take up space in your business, they can be challenging to get rid of or manage without the help of a professional.

Controlling Cockroaches in Offices

The most effective way to control cockroaches in offices is by doing a thorough inspection to determine the specific cockroach species and level of infestation.

Gel baiting: The expert will apply small bait dots in cracks, places where the roaches frequent and close to their harborage. The dosage applied depends on the level of the infestation. Once the pests get in contact with the bait, they carry it back to their source, thereby infecting the entire colony.

Residual Spraying: Using an environmentally safe and highly effective solution, we spray targeted areas to control the pests. The treatment also acts as a chemical barrier from future pest problems.

Rodents in Offices

Offices can unwittingly provide shelter and food sources for rodents. Rodents are highly intelligent and resilient. They quickly adapt to any environment and will happily feed out of a waste bin. Besides scaring off your çlients, rodents also pose health hazards and property damages.

Controlling Rodents in Offices

Once rodents invade, they will quickly colonize your office space. The most effective method of office rodent extermination is proactive measures to keep them away from your business. For instance, by minimizing food and water sources and proofing all possible entry points.

Rodent traps: traps are stealthily designed to fit in activity areas. They are equipped with a monitor that indicates once a rodent is trapped. The pest is humanely disposed of thereafter.

Bait stations: tamper-resistant bait stations are highly attractive to rodents. They trap and kill the pests upon consumption. Bait stations are highly secured so that non-target pests cannot access the bait.

Ants in Offices

Ants are often overlooked. However, these tiny pests can cause severely expensive damages to your business. If they build their nests on your structure or equipment, ants will destroy it to make room for the entire colony; often, you won't even notice. Additionally, while ant bites are painful and can cause allergic reactions in some victims, they are problematic when they infest packed items or food supplies.

Controlling Ants in Offices

We will assign an expert to your premises to do a keen survey that will identify the exact type of ants being dealt with and their source. The integral part of our ant control solution for your office is protecting and preventing future re-infestations.

Gel Baiting: spot treatment using a highly effective ant attractant with non-repellent active ingredients. The treatment is specifically applied in areas with ant activity and ant pathways. Upon contact, the infected ant will carry the solution back to the nest and infect the rest of the colony.

Residual spraying: an environmentally safe treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to exterminate and provide continued protection.

Flies in Offices

Flies are a nuisance on any business premises. They are especially attracted by the warm conditions and ready availability of food. They like to frequent office pantries where they contaminate any uncovered food.

Controlling Flies in Offices

If flies have infested your premises, our experts will determine their source and factors encouraging the infestation. They will then recommend a variety of safe and effective treatment options, including:

Granule treatments: this method involves placing carbon bait boxes strategically in areas where the flies frequent, like around the sinks and cabinets. The insects die upon bait consumption.

Residual Spraying: a safe pesticide solution is sprayed directly on the flies frequent to eliminate and prevent re-infestations.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position the latest and highly reliable units such as light traps and baited traps in specific areas to attract and trap the flies for complete extermination.

Occasional Invaders in Offices

Occasional invaders like booklice and lizards will infrequently infest your office in varying stages of their life cycles. Usually, they live outside and won't complete a life cycle in your premises. Meanwhile, they can spread diseases and trouble your employees and clients.

Controlling Occasional Invaders in Offices

The best way to deal with occasional invaders is by keeping them out. You can achieve this by repairing structural damages and sealing all cracks and gaps. Methodologies and techniques used to control these mostly harmless pests are environment-dependent and can be determined via phone or onsite consultation.

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