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Pest Control for Property Managers

It's the responsibility of building and property managers to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment for their tenants. To maintain the value of their buildings and keep them in top-notch condition, property managers always have numerous projects in their schedules, such as plumbing, landscaping, maintenance, and more.

A pest infestation can significantly drop the value of your property. It can lead to huge financial losses, dropped projects, and conflict between landlords and tenants. Yet, it can be extremely challenging to keep pests away from your buildings. The huge number of different people moving in and out of the building makes it hard to keep pests at bay.

Luckily, you can effectively eradicate and keep pests away from your property with the help of a professional pest control company in Singapore.

Using an integrated pest management plan (IPM), Protect Pest Control does more than remove a pest infestation from your property. Our IPM experts utilize an environmentally friendly and highly effective pest control approach to eradicate current infestations and ensure long-term pest protection.

With expert knowledge and exclusionary measures, we establish an effective pest protection barrier around the perimeter of your building. The barrier is maintained through regular treatments, ensuring your property is audit compliant at all times.

More than an inconvenience to tenants

Pest infestations in a commercial building are more than just a nuisance. They can cause numerous hazards, from structural to financial damages. On top of that, pests pose severe health risks for your tenants. Hence, building & property managers must have a proactive pest management plan to keep pests out of their buildings.

Professional pest control technicians are experienced and trained on the best preventative measures to keep unwanted guests away from your property. They understand the demands of your building and the environment that surrounds it, such as water and local businesses. An effective pest management plan is tailored around these factors for the best results.

Cockroach Issues for Property Managers

Cockroach problems are almost inevitable for commercial buildings. The constant streaming of people in and out of the building provides adequate opportunities for roaches to hitch a ride into the facility. These annoying invaders often infest buildings in search of food, water, and shelter.

They can also make their way into the building via tiny openings like cracks and crevices in walls. Cockroaches are nearly impossible to kill using over-the-counter and traditional pest control methods. Professional cockroach control utilizes innovative solutions to effectively treat the building and eliminate the infestation.

Controlling Cockroaches For Property Managers

Our technicians are highly trained to inspect your property and identify the specific cockroach species invading. They tailor an effective pest plan that meets the needs of your building. You will be provided with an updated report that includes pest activities and treatment methods.

Gel baiting: Gel dots are strategically placed in pest-infested areas and hiding spots. The gel lures roaches to eat the bait but does not kill the pests instantly. They carry the toxic bait to their nests, infecting the rest of the colony.

Bait stations: Bait stations are tamper-resistant, child-resistant, and non-target animals like pets cannot access the poisonous bait. They effectively get rid of a cockroach infestation from its source while destroying the nest to ensure zero chances of re-infestations.

Bed Bug Problems For Property Managers

Commercial buildings can be a hotspot for bed bug infestations. These blood-suckers are perfect hitchhikers. They secretly make their way into your building via clothing, luggage, used furniture, and other items.

Unfortunately, these pesky pests do not respect even the most immaculate buildings and can easily transform them into their breeding ground. Besides causing psychological distress, a bed bug infestation can also drive your tenants away, resulting in financial losses.

Controlling Bed Bugs For Property Managers

Our bed bug control plan involves early detection and innovative solutions to stop bed bugs from spreading throughout your building. Our experts have extensive knowledge and skills. Backed up by many years of experience, they will protect your tenants from pest risks and safeguard your property's reputation.

Instant killing pesticides: Part of our bed bug control plan involves using safe and non-toxic solutions with proven performance against bed bugs. The treatment has a fast-knock-down effect and provides long-term residual protection against future infestations.

Rodent Problems For Property Managers

Rodents are a nightmare for commercial buildings. They come in search of food, water, and a comfortable place to nest and raise their young ones. Rodents access your building through small gaps in walls, roofs, and under the door.

Rats and mice are vectors for diseases and pose significant health and hygiene issues on your property. They contaminate stored food products with their droppings and urine. Rodents also cause structural damages as they constantly gnaw on equipment, machinery, and electrical wiring. Should a potential client or customer see a rat inside your property, you could be at a high risk of losing an important business or sale.

Controlling Rodents For Property Managers

Utilizing a rodent control service for your property is important. Besides ridding the building of rodents, our exterminators will also educate your tenants on the best practices to limit rodent threats. We also modify the environment and seal all ingress points to ensure pests do not enter your building again.

Rodent Traps: Rodent traps are effective at eliminating individual rodents. They do not use poisons and require careful and timely disposal. The pest control expert strategically places rodent traps in activity areas and pathways for effective control results.

Bait Stations: Bait stations hold a poisonous bait that lures rodents and kills them upon consumption. They have an opening that allows easy access for rodents while protecting pets and children from accessing the bait. A successful campaign involves strategically placing the bait station where rodents congregate.

Termite Problems For Property Managers

Termites are extremely destructive. They are quite sneaky and strategic. Most people do not even suspect an infestation until the damage is visible. Termites mainly feed on wood- they can dramatically reduce the strength and safety of your building, making it completely inhabitable. It's vital you have a pest control expert inspect your building occasionally for termite threats to avoid expensive repairs.

Controlling Termites For Property Managers

Our termite control technicians are experienced and professionally trained to do a comprehensive analysis of your property. In case of an active termite infestation, we will customize a solution that quickly restores your comfort and property safety.
We ensure annual inspections for early detection of termite threats in your property and prevent the possibility of huge termite damages and costly repairs. Part of our termite control solution includes:

Pre-construction termite control Singapore: This proactive termite protection method ensures that your tenants move into a termite-free facility. Our termite control experts will treat the soil upon which your building is being constructed to create a chemical protection barrier that repels and keeps termites away.

Post-construction termite control Singapore: This treatment is applied to existing buildings as a proactive measure against termite threats. A highly effective termiticide is injected under the concrete slab around the foundation of your building to kill existing termites and repel others from your building.

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