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Pest Control for Hotels and Hospitality

When your business is accommodating guests, your success is highly dependent on maintaining a delightful environment and memorable experiences. Today's guests are savvy enough to inspect hospitality businesses for signs of pests infestations. For instance, many visitors will check mattresses and linens to spot bed bugs.

It only takes one negative pest review to damage your reputation and keep new clients away. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your guests, employees, visitors, and structures are protected from the health and safety risks associated with pests.

Every business is invariably unique, and so are the pest issues. Hence, every hotel and hospitality pest control in Singapore requires different measures and a high degree of expertise to address the problem.

We recognize that effective pest management is vital to the success of your business and maintaining the hard-earned reputation of your brand. Upholding the image of your business technically requires a superior pest management approach, heavily integrated at all sectors from the kitchen to the accommodation.

Our integrated pest management program ensures that your clients and property are protected 24/7. The relationship between pest management and food safety is at the core of our services. After a detailed inspection of your premises, our experts will design an effective pest management plan and employ industry-leading solutions to keep pests away and control any infestation threats.

Pests in Hotels and Hospitality

The nature of hotel and hospitality facilities makes them highly vulnerable to pest attacks. Therefore, they require around-the-clock monitoring of issues like rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Protect Pest Control will design a customized pest management procedure to get rid of the problem effectively.

We work closely with your staff members and establish a reliable reporting system that they can use once they suspect a pest problem. This way, your business meets and exceeds auditing and regulatory compliance requirement.

Cockroaches in Hotels

Hotels are highly vulnerable to cockroach infestations due to the readily available food, water, and warmth. The frequency of people going in and out of the hotel rooms also makes them prone to cockroach attacks.

Controlling Cockroaches in Hotels and Hospitality

There are numerous types of cockroach species that can attack hotels in Singapore. Each cockroach species requires a unique treatment solution to get rid of effectively. Our experts are highly trained to distinguish cockroach species upon inspection and customize an effective treatment plan.

Gel Baiting: small gel dots are strategically placed in cracks and other pest-infested areas. The bait is designed to kill cockroaches upon consumption. However, they won't die instantly, so they can crawl back to their nests and infect the rest of the colony.

Residual Spraying: We apply non-toxic and highly effective residual sprays on pest nests and activity areas. The spray also serves as a chemical barrier to protect your office from re-occurrences.

Rodents in Hotels

Rodents aren't fussy eaters and will frequently attack offices to access the garbage cans or food leftovers. The presence of a single rat or mice may trigger musophobia (extreme fear of rodents) in some employees and put off customers.

Controlling Rodents in Hotels and Hospitality

Because numerous species of rodents can infest hotels and hospitality in Singapore, the experts will first inspect and find out the exact species causing you trouble. They will then tailor a treatment plan for the best extermination and protection results.

Rodent Traps: Traps are highly effective, and they eliminate rodents safely without the use of poisons. They are strategically placed in rodent activity areas. They only target rats and mice without risking other animals like kittens. The devices have a visible monitor that indicates once a rodent is trapped. The trap is safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait Stations: Bait stations are tamper resistance and highly attractive to rodents. The expert will conveniently locate the stations in areas with rodent activity for the best control results.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Once bed bugs infest your premises, for instance, by hitchhiking on bags or clothes, they will multiply rapidly. These stubborn pests are not only distressing but also embarrassing, especially to your guests. They are the easiest way to getting a bad review and losing your old and potential clients.

Controlling Bed Bugs in Hotels and Hospitality

Upon a keen inspection, our pest professional will customize an effective plan to get rid of the bed bugs and protect your facility from reinfestations.

Instant killing pesticides: our experts will treat all potential bed bug hiding spots using the best bed bug treatments with a fast-knock down effect. The treatment also provides your facility with continued protection.

Flies in Hotels

Flies are a headache, especially because they are quite stubborn and challenging to get rid of. They pose everyone in your business to approximately 60 different types of diseases, like typhoid and food poisoning.

Controlling Flies in Hotels and Hospitality

A successful hotel and hospitality flies control Singapore begins with finding the source of the infestation. This way, the expert will kill the disease-causing pest in all its stages, from eggs to adults, and destroy their breeding sites.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position the latest and highly reliable units such as light traps and baited traps in specific areas to attract and kill the flies for complete extermination.

Residual sprays: we use non-toxic fly foaming/sprays as part of our integrated pest management plan. They are applied directly to pest nests to exterminate them and destroy their breeding areas.

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