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Pest Control for Government Buildings

Government buildings are not merely facilities where government services are provided- they are assets of the country's people. These buildings also play a major role in the development of towns and cities. As such, they must maintain public trust and ensure good use of taxpayer money. We realize that! Protect Pest Control technicians work with government organizations across Singapore to protect their facilities and people from pests problems.

Government buildings typically vary in terms of location, design, and structure. This demands that the pest controllers have professional knowledge and technical experience to keep pests out while ensuring public safety. Our experts have worked on numerous properties over the years, including embassies, train stations, government offices, and more!

We provide an integrated pest management (IPM) program, customized to suit all your pest control needs. Further, we teach your staff how to detect and report early signs of pest problems. We also train them how to prevent and keep bugs away.

Our IPM program is designed to meet all government buildings' pest control needs, including, but not limited to:
• Environmental laws and regulations
• Building maintenance standards
• Procurement regulations
• Long-term pest preventative needs
• Passing audits and oversights

Types Of Pests In Government Buildings

Unfortunately, no government building is pest-proof. Pests do not respect that these buildings are managed on stringent regulations and strict procedures to ensure public safety. A pest invasion can be very disruptive in any government building, including law enforcement, political, and public buildings.

Regardless of the type of pest, Protect Pest Control provides effective and value-based pest control for all government buildings. Our up-to-date procedures ensure all pests are eradicated and excluded, contributing to the quality of life of the entire community.

Bed Bugs In Government Buildings

All government buildings are susceptible to bed bug infestations! These pesky pests spread fast, especially in buildings containing living quarters.
While there are many practical ways to kill bed bugs, failing to exterminate the entire colony rarely solves the problem. In fact, it prolongs the infestation, resulting in worse torment. The best thing to do is seek help from a professional and licensed pest control company in Singapore. They experts will inspect and treat the entire building, preventing chances of future infestations.

Controlling Bed Bugs In Government Buildings

The complexity of controlling bed bugs and keeping them away makes professional control vital. Our pest control technicians are highly trained and experienced. They follow strict protocols for analyzing and treating the entire building to ensure the complete eradication of these nuisance bugs.

During the initial visit, the technicians will thoroughly inspect the building to determine the type and level of infestation. Based on the findings, they will determine the best bed bug treatment method that will provide effective results for your building. Once the treatment is applied, all the existing bugs are eradicated, leaving a protective barrier against future infestations.

Instant killing pesticides: We treat all potential bed bug hiding spots using highly effective and EPA-approved bed bug solutions. The treatment offers a fast knock-down effect, presents no harm to the occupants, and protects your building against re-infestations.

Rats and Mice In Government Buildings

Rodents have been infesting government buildings, destroying structures, and damaging property for centuries. Unfortunately, an untrained person may never see or even suspect a rodent infestation until it becomes severe.

Rodents are prolific poopers. An obvious sign of an infestation is rodent droppings in drawers, cupboards, and around food packages. Because they multiply swiftly, a rodent infestation in a government building can be extremely hard to get rid of without the help of a trained expert.

Controlling Rats and Mice In Government Buildings

After a thorough inspection of the entire building, we customize a rodent control plan designed to get rid of the rodents immediately and permanently. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and products to eliminate all the existing rodents.

We insist that the best way to deal with rodent problems is to deny them access to your building. In light of this, the assigned technician will eliminate all the possible sources of food, water, and nesting sites. We will also proof the building to keep the rodents out for good.

Rodent Traps: Rodent traps eliminate pests effectively and safely without using poisons. They have a stealthy design, allowing the expert to strategically place them in rodent activity areas, pathways, and nesting sites. The visible monitor indicates once a rodent is trapped.

Bait Stations: These tamper-resistance devices are highly effective against rodents. They have a poisonous bait that attracts rats and mice, killing them fast upon consumption. Bait stations are designed with openings that only rodents can fit in. This means that kids and pets cannot access the bait.

Cockroaches In Government Buildings

Cockroaches are among the most common pests in government buildings. These nocturnal pests remain hidden during the day and come out at night in search of food. Besides being filthy, cockroaches leave a bad odor in places they invade.
Frequent exposure to roaches can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. They have also been linked to the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea. Fast and effective cockroach control in government buildings Singapore is vital to protect public health.

Controlling Cockroaches In Government Buildings

Protect Pest Control provides a quick and effective service for existing cockroach infestations. We customize an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that keeps roaches away, preventing chances of future infestations. As part of our IPM, we use humane traps that do not pose children and pets to any harm.

Gel Baiting: The experts will inspect and place small gel dots in cockroach-infested areas, including cracks and crevices. The bait has a luring smell that attracts the pests. Once they eat it, they carry the poison back to their nest, infecting other roaches and potentially exterminating an entire colony.

Bait stations: bait stations are highly effective in eliminating cockroach invasions. They kill the pests nonstop, destroying their nests, and preventing chances of re-infestations. The bait stations are child-resistant and do not pose harm to non-target animals like pets.

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