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Pest Control for Healthcare

Unfortunately, healthcare facilities are highly vulnerable to pests. Infestations occur easily because pests gain access to the facility from the immediate surroundings. Visitors, staff, food, and items brought into the facility may also introduce pests.

Pest infestations in health care facilities present secondary infections as they spread bacterias and diseases through food and surface contamination.

Because of the sensitive nature and complexity of health care facilities, a high level of expertise and scientific approach is required to get rid of pests and keep them away. Our highly qualified and trained pest management professionals work closely with the facility management to customize and implement an integrated pest management program ideal for the sensitive sectors within the facility.

Our pest control for health care in Singapore involves the safest solutions for treating and controlling pests. As part of our IPM, we educate facility staff, professionals and employees to recognize and report pest infestation signs, whether minuscule or significant. We also apply proactive measures by sealing all possible entry points like cracks and gaps on walls and facility foundation.

Common Pests in Healthcare

While all kinds of nuisance pests can infest a health care facility due to easy food and water access, the following present the highest risk.

Cockroaches in Healthcare

You'll often find cockroaches in pantries, restaurant areas, laundry rooms, break rooms, sink areas, garbage bins, and even in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). These filthy pests are associated with spreading nearly 32 types of bacteria and can increase the severity of some diseases such as asthma.

Controlling Cockroaches in Healthcare

Gel baiting: small gel dots are strategically placed in cracks and other pest-infested areas. Cockroaches are attracted to the bait smell, and after eating it, they don't succumb immediately. This allows them enough time to return to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony for total extermination.

Bait stations: bait stations get rid of the cockroach invasions from the source. They are child-resistant and specially designed for placements in places with cockroaches activity. They also ensure 24/7 protection from re-occurrences.

Ants in Healthcare

Ants infest in colonies. They can contaminate uncovered food and food preparation areas. Some ant species can spread pathogens like salmonella, risking the health of both staff and patients. They are also highly attracted to open wounds, and you'll often find them in laundry rooms, ICU, pastries and autopsy rooms.

Controlling Ants in Health Care

Gel baiting: we strategically apply eco-friendly and highly effective gel baits in areas where ants frequent. Blended with an attractant and non-repellent active ingredient, the ants readily feed on the bait. They live long enough to crawl back to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony.

Non-toxic treatment: using the most effective, non-toxic, and safe pesticide treatment, we spray targeted areas to kill ants and provide long-term residue protection.

Flies in Healthcare

These filthy pests are responsible for spreading up to 100 or more disease-causing germs. They easily contaminate uncovered foods and food preparation surfaces through saliva and defecate. You'll often find them in pantries, garbage bins, restaurant areas, ICUs, surgical suites and other sensitive areas.

Controlling Flies in Healthcare

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position highly reliable units such as light traps in specific areas to attract and trap the flies for complete extermination.
Residual sprays: we use non-toxic sprays as part of our integrated pest management plan. Pest resting areas are sprayed to exterminate the flies and eliminate their breeding sites.

Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes are strategically positioned in areas with frequent flies activities. The pests die upon bait consumption.

Rodents in Healthcare

Rodents can infest almost everywhere, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. Rodents in healthcare facilities are especially threatening because these agile pests carry numerous diseases and contaminate food with bacteria. They spread diseases through direct contact with the pests themselves, through contact with urine, faeces, and saliva or rodent bites. They also spread diseases indirectly through the ticks, mites, and ticks that feed on the infected rodents.

Controlling Rodents In Healthcare

Rodents can get into healthcare facilities through the almost always open doorways or surprisingly tiny gaps and cracks. Healthcare facilities have special needs and requirements, including patients welfare and compliance with the regulatory and healthcare code. Hence, it's vital to find professional and highly qualified pest managers with expert knowledge on specialized procedures for the healthcare space.

Rodent traps: Traps are especially effective in the healthcare industry as they safely eliminate rodents without the use of poisons. The expert will strategically place the traps in activity areas and rodent pathways. They come with a visible monitor that indicates once a rodent is trapped. The trap is safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait stations: Bait stations are tamper resistance and highly attractive to rodents. They are designed with openings that only rats/mice can fit in while protecting children, pets, and non-target family animals from accessing the bait. The expert will strategically place the stations in areas with rodent activities and rodent pathways for the best control results.

Bed bugs in Healthcare

Bed bug infestations in Singapore health care facilities have become a serious issue in the last few years. Although they do not spread diseases, bed bug bites can cause severe allergic reactions, panic, anxiety and sleeplessness in some victims. These hitchhikers can easily attack a health care facility and cause serious trouble in resting areas, room beds, and laundry rooms.

Controlling Bed Bugs In Healthcare

Instant killing treatment: as part of our IPM, we strategically apply highly effective bed bug treatment in bed bug hiding spots and regularly replenish them to ensure 100% efficacy. The treatments are safe, non-allergic, odourless and provide continued residue protection.

Mosquitoes in Healthcare

Mosquitoes are directly accountable for more than one million deaths worldwide annually. Mosquitoes in Singapore are active throughout the year. Singapore facilities provide the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes because of the tropical, warm and humid climate.

These parasites spread life-threatening illnesses through bites, including malaria, Zika virus, and dengue. In 2020 alone, there were 26,000 dengue cases reported in Singapore. In the same year, 20 patients died of dengue, a disease characterized by extreme fever, internal bleeding and shock.

Controlling Mosquitoes In Healthcare

Successful mosquito control in healthcare facilities in Singapore involves destroying all potential mosquito breeding sites and keeping the deadly pests away from the facility. This can be achieved by seeking help from the best pest control company near me.

Trained experts will be assigned to the facility. They will do a thorough survey of the entire premises to find out all the possible breeding grounds and factors that may be attracting the insects to the facility.

Depending on the mosquito species infesting and the time of day (or night) when they are most active, the experts will customize the most effective treatment plan, focused on safe extermination, control, and protection from future infestations.

Residual sprays: we use highly effective and nontoxic sprays designed to kill the insects instantly in all their stages, from eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults. The sprays are applied to mosquito activity and resting areas to kill and destroy the breeding sites, especially in hard-to-reach spots.

Granular baiting: carton bait boxes are strategically placed in mosquito activity and resting areas. They work to lure, trap and kill the mosquitoes instantly on contact while repelling others.

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