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Get a Fast Quote: +65 97941957

Commercial Pest Control Singapore

Singapore Commercial Pest Control Service

We know that every business is unique and that means a customised approach is always necessary to meet your requirements. Our experts have decades of experience in managing pest control services for commercial establishments in Singapore, allowing us to find the optimal solution to remove and control pests at your place of business.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

Our pest control professionals have spent years refining pest control approaches and solutions in order to eliminate pests from commercial settings effectively. Our custom commercial strategies will ensure that these pests are not only removed, but prevents them from coming back in the future.

Every assessment begins with a Free on-site survey and consultation. This enables our consultants to evaluate the unique requirements for the premises and recommend the best solutions to control pests. We will then provide you with a pest control proposal that is customised for your business needs.

Once you are agreeable with our pest removal program, the Protect team will launch your pest control treatments into action.

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Commercial Pest Control for F&B Premises

Commercial Pest Control F&B Restaurants Cafes Food Shop

Whether you are running a restaurant, bistro, cafe or any other food and beverage establishment, pest control is one of your major concerns. Food businesses are very prone to pest infestations because they are places where food is served, which attracts all kinds of pests. Your fully stocked fridge, food waste or accidental spills here or there are essentially free meals to these pests. Even with a clean and well-managed establishment, pests are always an immediate threat simply due to the nature of food production.

Your business reputation relies on the swift and timely response in handling the pest problems your F&B shop face. Remember, having a pest problem does not reflect the quality of your food, but only the actions that you take to resolve and prevent it.

Pest Control Contract for F&B Food Shop License

Applying for a Food Shop License for your F&B business? For new establishments that are applying for the SFA Food Shop Licence, a pest control contract covering the control of Cockroaches, Rodents and Flies during the year-long licensing period. The inspection frequency of the food shop premises covered in the contract shall be at least once a month to detect any sign of pest infestation.

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Commercial Pest Control for Warehouse, Factories & Industrial Properties

Commercial Pest Control Warehouse Factories Industrial

The large floor space of your warehouse or industrial property make it challenging to manage pest appearances and infestations. Such premises are vulnerable to all kinds of pest problems and their sheer size is an opportunity for pests to breed and hide since it is not likely that human presence covers the entire area all the time. There are also entrances, access points or delivery doors that must stay open frequently, allowing unwanted pests to enter the property.

Protect your inventories, equipment, furniture and the health of your staff when you get a comprehensive commercial pest control plan with us. All our professionals are not only NEA licensed technicians but have also completed courses such as work at height, working in a confined space and many relevant training programs.

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