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Pest Control for Logistics

Logistic businesses are competitive in nature. How effectively your business conducts its operations, whether transportation, warehousing, or overall distribution, determines your success. You simply can't afford pest infestations causing you trouble or disrupting your operations.

Unfortunately, the constantly incoming shipments and movement of goods in and out of your premises make it a prime location for all kinds of nuisance pests. That's why you need a professional pest expert to address your facility's needs and establish an effective pest protection barrier around the perimeter of your business.

We use a comprehensive, integrated pest management program that emphasizes non-chemical solutions to ensure that your business complies with the audit requirements. Our professionals take the burden of pest issues off your list so that you can concentrate fully on shipping and meeting customer's deadlines.

Our pest professionals work closely with your staff to focus on preventative measures, shipment inspections, sanitation, and remote monitoring so that your business is protected at all times.

Pests in Logistics

High traffic levels and open warehouses offer easy access for pests to take hold of your business, including rodents, birds, moths, and flying insects.

Rodents in Logistics

Rodents can squeeze through openings as small as 1/4" in diameter. They are well known for strong jaws and will gnaw on your property, causing severe damage. Rats and mice also carry close to 50 pathogens like salmonella and can transmit diseases by contaminating shipments.

Controlling Rodents in Logistics

Rodent traps with remote monitoring: These traps are ideal for the nature of retail businesses as they don't carry poisonous baits. Upon a thorough inspection, our experts will strategically position the traps in rodent pathways and activity areas. Trapped rodents are safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait Stations: Because bait stations utilize poisonous bait to kill the pests, we specifically use them outdoors. They are tamper-resistant so that not even rains or strong winds can destroy them. They provide easy access for rodents while protecting non-target animals.

Cockroaches in Logistics

Cockroaches are an established and a pretty common pest in the warehouse and logistics industries. Thanks to their cryptic lifestyle, roaches are able to hide and reproduce rapidly once they infest your business.

Cockroaches are known to cause structural damages by chewing on cardboard and paper, leaving behind unsightly holes. These relentless pests also deposit disease-causing bacteria on food, thus spreading harmful diseases like salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

Controlling Cockroaches in Logistics

Our experts have been in the field for many years and are knowledgeable of cockroach lifestyle, habits and hiding tricks. Equipped with industry-approved skills, they will inspect your premises and customize a treatment solution that will get rid of the pests and protect your business effectively.

Gel baiting: The expert will pinpoint areas of heavy infestation and where roaches frequently like in cracks and place small, effective and non-toxic bait dots. Once the pests get in contact with the bait, they carry it back to their source, thereby infecting and killing the entire colony.

Residual spraying: Using an environmentally safe and highly effective solution, we spray targeted areas to control the pests. The treatment also acts as a chemical barrier to protect the logistics from future pest problems.

Termites in Logistics

Termites will infest and eat away at your wooden structures silently. Because they destroy the structures from inside out, many property owners do not suspect their activities until the damage is too severe and can't be repaired. Regular termite inspections are highly recommended.

Controlling Termites in Logistics

We offer a huge range of termite control and protection treatment options that are customized to meet your specific needs as follows:

Pre-construction termite treatment: highly effective termiticides are used to treat the soil and the perimeter around your building's foundation during the construction phase. The treatment works to kill any existing pests and provide protection from future termite threats.

Post-construction termite treatment: termites commonly infest buildings after construction. They are always in search of food, water and warmth, which are readily available in warehouses. Post-construction termite control involves treating the outside and inside of your premises to protect them from termite invasions or exterminate an existing infestation. A highly effective termite treatment solution is injected into the soil around the perimeter of your building to repel and keep termites away.

When controlling an existing infestation, highly palatable baiting systems are strategically placed in termite activity areas. Once the termites feed on the bait, it inhibits their growth, paralyses them and causes their eventual death. Because the pests will carry pieces of the bait back to their nests, they infect and eradicate the whole colony.

Flies in Logistics

Once flying insects infest your warehouse, they cause serious health risks like food poisoning and dysentery. Other flying insects like mosquitoes inflict painful bites on unsuspecting victims and transmit severe diseases like the Zika virus and malaria. These nuisance pests jeopardize your supply chain and can be challenging to get rid of on your own.

Controlling Flies in Logistics

Granule treatments: this method involves placing carbon bait boxes strategically in areas where the flies frequent. The bait is designed to kill the insects fast upon consumption.

Residual Spraying: a safe pesticide solution is sprayed directly on the flies activity areas to eliminate and prevent re-infestations.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position the latest and highly reliable units such as light and baited traps in specific areas. The traps attract, trap and kill the flies for successful control.

Snakes in Logistics

Snakes are one of the most feared and frightening reptiles that can ever invade our living/working places. And that's in place because snakes are a lethal danger to human life, sometimes viewing humans as prey. Snake bites are recorded to cause more deaths than any other venomous bites worldwide.

Cases where people have been disabled and disfigured by these deadly invaders are many as well. Even more horrifying, some snake species have venom so potent that their victims die in 30 minutes of exposure- you want to ensure your warehouse is not housing snakes by all means!

Controlling Snakes in Logistics

Snakes will infest your warehouse in search of food. They especially love eating rodents, so if your facility has a rodent infesting, you want to get rid of them fast before snakes can sniff them out and start tracking them. Snake bodies are admirably flexible, meaning they can use even the flattest cracks and crevices as an entry point into your warehouse or go down.

Attempting to handle snakes on your own is a dangerous task; they can get overly defensive and extremely dangerous when threatened. With years of experience handling snake invasions in homes and businesses, our experts are equipped with the right skills and tools to remove snakes while ensuring everyone's safety.

We do a thorough inspection of your entire facility, targeting all possible snake hiding spots. Our integrated snake measures include baiting, trapping, and sealing all possible snake entry points. Once we have completely banished the skilful invaders, we will treat to protect and render your facility unattractive to snakes.

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