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Pest Control For Showrooms

Pests are one of the most common problems in showrooms. A showroom is at a high risk of pest activity. These businesses are always open to the public and receive multiple deliveries from different suppliers.

A pest infestation in a showroom can be pretty devastating. On top of damaging and contaminating your stock, pests can seriously ruin your store's reputation, resulting in significant losses.

Business owners are legally required to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their staff, employees, and customers. This involves having a pest control procedure in place to prevent pest and rodent infestations. You must also ensure that pest invasions are handled fast, effectively, and efficiently.

Protect Pest Control provides a proactive pest prevention program that warrants against pest invasions. With comprehensive, effective, and efficient pest control and prevention services, we successfully treat infestations in showrooms. We also implement effective measures to prevent pest issues from reoccurring.

Types of Pests In Showrooms

Numerous entry points, open shop fronts, continuous deliveries, and frequency of people moving in and out of showrooms make these facilities inherently vulnerable to a variety of pests.

Pest presence in a showroom can wreak the hard-earned reputation, damage your stock , and expose computers and cabling to risks. Pests that commonly wreak havoc in showrooms in Singapore include moths, flies, ants, cockroaches, and fleas.

We will do a free inspection of your showroom to determine the pest species, its biology, behavior, and the environment surrounding your business. Based on these factors, we will design a rapid and discreet solution customized specifically for your showroom to eradicate pests and ensure adequate protection all year round.

Cockroaches In Showrooms

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that prefer to live and breed in the dark, moist corners. Sighting a cockroach during the day is a solid sign of a full-blown cockroach infestation. You'll commonly find these disgusting pests hiding behind refrigerators, underneath sinks, and in electrical appliances.

Controlling Cockroaches In Showrooms

Protect Pest Control will do a thorough and free survey of your property to identify the specific cockroach species and level of infestation. Based on the findings, we will customize a pest management plan that meets all your pest control requirements and prevent chances of future infestations.

Gel baiting: Our cockroach control expert in Singapore will strategically apply bait dots in cockroach nests and activity areas. The treatment does not kill the pests instantly, allowing them enough time to carry the bait back to their nest and potentially infect the entire colony.

Non-toxic Residual Spraying: A safe and effective treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to kill roaches and destroy their nests. The treatment also creates an effective protective barrier from future infestations.

Moths In Showrooms

Moths can cause severe financial and stock losses. They destroy fabric and other materials as they feed exclusively on natural animal fibers. Moths especially prefer to eat silk, fur, wool, and feathers. Controlling moths on your own can be a tedious and demanding task. Often, you will need to work closely with a professional pest expert to get rid of an infestation and limit the chances of moths re-infesting your showroom.

Controlling Moths In Showrooms

Successful moth control requires a thorough inspection of the showroom to locate their source and the infested items. Our dexterous professionals will customize a qualitative pest control plan that will get rid of the moths and provide your showroom with effective long-term protection from moth infestations.

Flying insect control traps: Highly efficient traps such as light traps are strategically placed in an identified area to attract, trap, and kill moths.

Residual sprays: The expert will spray moth sources and infected items with a highly effective and non-toxic spray to kill the moths and their eggs for total extermination.

Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes are used in places where moths frequent. The active ingredient lures moths to eat the bait, killing them upon consumption.

Flies In Showrooms

Flies have a potential to contaminate foods and spread severe diseases. These disease-ridden creatures can also disgust and keep potential clients away. Eliminating flies from a showroom is not as simple as keeping the facility clean. You will need to kill the pests in all their stages using an effective treatment that provides long-term residual protection.

Controlling Flies In Showrooms

Flies multiply rapidly, and the key to successful extermination is eradicating their breeding sites and eggs. Our pest control technician will keenly inspect your showroom and expose all possible breeding grounds. They will use proven methods like mechanical traps and bioremediation solutions to kill the flies in all their stages and destroy the breeding site.

Flying insect control traps: Highly efficient units such as light traps are strategically placed in target areas to attract, trap, and kill flies.

Residual sprays: The expert will spray fly breeding sites with a highly effective and non-toxic spray to kill the pests and their eggs for total extermination.
Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes are used in places where flies frequent. The active ingredient lures fly to eat the bait, instantly killing them upon consumption.

Ants In Showrooms

Ants seem to be everywhere. These mysterious invaders are more of a nuisance pest than a health risk. They can invade your showroom, searching for food, moisture, and nesting habitat. When they invade, ants leave a pheromone trail that helps other members of the colony get from their nests outdoors into your showroom (food source) and back to their nests again.

Controlling ants can be complex given the sheer number of different species that can invade your showroom. Yet, every ant species requires a unique treatment method to get rid of it completely.

Controlling Ants In Showrooms

Effective ant elimination relies on thoroughly understanding their feeding and social behavior. This knowledge helps our pest control experts to strategically place the bait in areas where ants congregate and in their pathways. Further, the experts understand which active ingredient attracts which ant species. Note that a bait with the wrong active ingredient will do nothing but waste your money and collect dust.

Gel baiting: Baits are the most effective treatment for most ant species. The bait is made of an attractant and an insecticide and is strategically placed in places where ants frequent. Once the worker ants feed on the bait, they carry it back to the nest to share with other colony members, including the queen.

Non-toxic treatment: A non-toxic and effective treatment is sprayed in targeted areas to kill ants and destroy their nests. The treatment also creates a long-term protective barrier against future infestations.

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