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Pest Control for Industrial

Manufacturing and Industrial pest management in Singapore is vital for the smooth running of activities and employee safety. This industry is labor-intensive, involving physical work operations and continuous movement of people and products. As such, effective risk management programs are vital to safeguard your staff, clients, and assets from unforeseen dangers and risks within the business environment.

While experts acknowledge that the presence of pests can harm the reputation of your brand, we also understand the grave importance of your business compliance to the stringent Health and Safety measures in Singapore.

By alleviating the hassle of pests from your list, we give you the peace of mind to intensively manage business operations and ensure a smooth yet robust production that optimizes your profitability.

Before any treatment is done, our experts will thoroughly inspect your entire business to determine the exact type of pest and level of infestation. They will then apply an intergrated pest management solution focused on pest extermination, pest prevention, and getting rid of all conditions that attract pests into your facility.

We will also seal all possible pest-entry points, destroy their harborage and create a protection barrier to avoid re-occurrences.

Pests in Industrial Spaces

Termites have caused extensive damages to many industrial business structures, sometimes destroying them beyond repair. Because rodent incisors don't have roots, their teeth never stop growing! Hence, they prevent the teeth from growing into their brains by constantly gnawing on things like cables and wirings. They have been known to cause electrical fires.

Rodents in Industrial Spaces

There are three main types of trouble-causing rodents in Singapore, including Rattus norvegicus (Sewer Rat), Black rat (Roof Rat), and Mus musculus (House Mouse). Rodents will quickly infest your business and make shelter as long as there is a structural gap, opening, or ceiling holes (1cm wide). Once inside, they only take 21days or less to start damaging your property. Rodents are pretty speedy and agile, making them particularly challenging for DIY control methods.

Controlling Rodents in Industrial Spaces

To effectively control and manage rodents, an integrated pest management approach is required. We achieve the best results by locating their source and destroying their nests. Using advanced tools and air/heat movement, we are able to locate the rodent entry points and seal them.

Rodent Traps with Remote monitoring: Traps are especially effective as they safely eliminate rodents without poisons. Upon a thorough inspection, our experts will strategically position the traps in rodent pathways and activity areas. Trapped rodents are safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait Stations: Bait stations are tamper resistance and highly attractive to rodents. They come with a poisonous bait and provide easy access for rodents. To ensure compliance with the industry standards, we only use poisoned baits and chemical treatments to manage the pests outdoors.

Cockroaches in Industrial Spaces

Cockroaches are widely considered as an established pest in Singaporean industries, warehouses, and factories. Roaches are quite gross, and their mere sight can result in devastating impacts. Because they feed on fecal matter, decaying materials, and carcasses, these problematic pests bring disease-causing viruses from their harborage into your business.

Controlling Cockroaches in Industrial Spaces

There are various types of cockroach infesting industries in Singapore, such as the American and German cockroaches. Each of these species demands a unique treatment method to achieve effective control and long-term protection results.

Gel Baiting: small gel dots are strategically placed in cracks and other pest-infested areas. Cockroaches are attracted to the bait smell, and after eating it, they live long enough to return to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony.

Bait stations: bait stations get rid of the cockroach invasions from the source while destroying their nests. They come with a slow-acting cockroach treatment and a food attractant. The experts strategically position them in areas with cockroach activities. Once the infected insect crawls out of the station and back into its nest, it infects the rest of the colony with its sputum and droppings.

Industrial fumigation: depending on the level of the infestation in your business, the expert may recommend fumigation for the best control results. Our professional industrial fumigation services in Singapore ensure total pest extermination while protecting all other items and products from contamination. Fumigation does not target roaches only; it ensures that all pests like termites and rodents are also eliminated within a few hours.

Flies in Industrial Spaces

Flies infestations are a big concern in many industries. They are attracted to the warm conditions and easy availably of food in the premises. These disease spreaders can contaminate products and pose potential health risks for your customers.

Controlling Flies in Industrial Spaces

Effective control and protection require that the expert inspects keenly to determine the source of the infestation. Several non-toxic measures are implemented to manage the pests and protect your business long-term.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically position the latest and highly reliable units such as light traps and baited traps in specific areas to attract and kill the flies for the best control results.

Residual sprays: we use non-toxic fly foaming/sprays as part of our integrated pest management plan. The treatment is applied to eliminate flies breeding sites, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Ants in Industrial Spaces

Ants can easily access businesses via small cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings. Once they've infested, they breed in large colonies, making it especially frustrating to eliminate.

Controlling Ants in Industrial Spaces

To combat ants effectively, the expert needs identify their source and destroy their nests. This way, you can rest assured that the annoying creatures won't re-infest.

Gel Baiting: we strategically apply eco-friendly and highly effective gel baits in areas where ants frequent. Blended with an attractant and non-repellent active ingredient, the ants readily feed on the bait. They live long enough to crawl back to their nests and potentially infect the rest of the colony.

Non-toxic treatment: using the most effective and safe pesticide solutions, we treat targeted areas to kill the ants and provide long-term residue protection.

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