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Pest Control for Food Processing

Pests are naturally drawn towards food processing industries. Additionally, these industries are constantly under the critical observations of auditors, certification bodies, and regulatory agencies. The purpose is to ensure producers and suppliers demonstrate due diligence to guarantee maximum food safety practices and quality standards in food processing operations.

This makes professional pest control for food processing Singapore vital. Pest experts work towards maintaining the highest levels of food safety that constantly pass the critical scrutiny of regulatory agencies and government auditors.

When pests infest your food plant, they reproduce rapidly, posing health and safety risks to you, your employees and customers. Numerous types of pests can invade food industries due to the ready availability of food and water. Below are the most hazardous types that you should watch out for:

Pests in Food Processing Facilities

Because food industries differ based on the types of food processed and geographical location, varying pests will infest different facilities. However, some persistent pests will infest food industries worldwide and cause expensive damages regardless of food type, geography, or climate.

Flies in Food Processing

Flies are a disruptive pest that will infest food processing facilities in search of food and water. Some species like fruit flies, drain flies, and filth flies(house flies) are attracted to the smells emitted by the processing plants.

Naturally, flies prefer to feed on filth like decaying foods, carcasses, faeces, and rotting materials. They carry the filth and disease-causing microorganisms on their bodies and deposit them in processed foods or beverages. Flies will also contaminate food preparation areas with their saliva, waste and digestive juices.

These disgusting creatures are responsible for spreading more than 150 pathogens that directly infect your customers and employees with diseases like salmonella and food poisoning. You're likely to experience more employees absence and loss of customer's trust with an active flies infestation in your business.

Rodents in Food Processing

Rodents are one of the most prevalent and destructive pests in food processing Singapore. When they infest, rodents will either build their nests within your facility or outside yet very close to their food source ( your food plant). Rodents are known for multiplying rapidly, especially in places with abundant food supplies.

For instance, pregnant rats birth up to 5-12 rat pups at once. The newly born rats will be mature and ready to breed young ones in only nine weeks, which means that the presence of one or two rats in your facility can grow into a full-blown infestation in as little as months! Rats and mice are pretty destructive, and if not controlled early and effectively, they can cause devastating impacts on the food processing industries.

Rodents constantly nibble on food storage containers and find their way into packaged foods. They eat any food available while contaminating it with droppings, urine and filth. Through food contamination, rodents can spread a boat of diseases, including salmonella, leptospirosis, and toxoplasmosis. Rodents are also notorious for gnawing on structures like electrical wiring and have been reported to cause electrical fires in businesses.

Cockroaches in Food Processing

Business owners dread cockroaches, and for good reasons. Cockroaches are filthy, and once they infest, they can be found in nearly any section of the food processing facility. Besides being a nuisance and hindering the smooth running of activities, these embarrassing pests also pose serious health risks.

They can deposit up to 33 types of bacteria, 6 types of parasitic worms, and 7 varying human pathogens. As if that's not enough, cockroaches multiply exceptionally rapidly and hide in tiny cracks and crevices, making it incredibly challenging to get rid of. Since they love to breed and lurk around the dirtiest of places, roaches will also carry dirt and germs on their bodies, increasing the risk of food contamination further.

Storage Pests in Food Processing

Storage pests include everything from weevils, mites, beetles and moths. They commonly infest food facilities and can be found in all sectors, from the food processing plant to the storage facilities. Storage pests have the most negative impact on business revenues. They cause damages to raw materials and processed foods like cereals, spices, nuts and preserved meat, and clients are highly likely to reject them.

Keeping Pests Out Of Your Food Processing Facility

The most effective way to defend your food processing facility from pest infestations and damages is by sealing all possible pest entry points and minimizing the availability of food and water as follows:

• Most pests are attracted to garbage and dirt. Hence, maintaining proper sanitation and appropriate garbage disposal methods is an effective way of preventing pest infestations from your facility.
• Get rid of all clutter and debris outside and within your facility to minimize possible pest resting or nesting areas.
• Be keen to spot and seal any possible pest entry points like cracks on walls, crevices on the floor, open drainage pipes, or gaps on your foundation.
• Regular pest inspections are highly encouraged around the entire food facility. Pest experts are highly trained to do detailed inspections to identify early signs of possible pest infestations and take the necessary measures to exterminate and protect your premises from re-occurrences.

Professional Pest Control For Food Processing

Food processing pest control demands high standard quality measures throughout the food plant to ensure food safety. The pest professionals assigned to your facility must ensure top hygiene practices while effectively eliminating pests and their harbourage. Our IPM for food industries is focused on exterminating any existing infestations and protecting your business from chances of re-infestations.

Upon a detailed inspection of your facility, our exterminators will determine the type of pest causing trouble, their nests and factors attracting them. They will then customize a treatment plan that will render your facility unattractive to pests long-term. The exterminators will also train your staff on the best measures to hinder pest entry into your business to ensure continued protection. We also keep a close watch of your facility, regular monitoring and provide up-to-date yet thorough pest management documentation for future references.

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