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Pest Control for Foreign Worker Dormitories

Employers must carry out due diligence to ensure their employees are living in a safe and healthy dormitory. Anyone who has managed a foreign worker dormitory knows that these facilities are always at risk for pest infestations.

Migrant worker dormitories bring different people and their possessions together into close quarters, often under the same roof. If any of your migrant workers was living with pests such as roaches or bed bugs prior to arriving at your facility, they may very well transport the bugs in their possessions.

Besides that, Singapore's warm and humid climate makes it easy for pests to thrive in abundance. Effective pest control for migrant worker dormitories Singapore involves finding the best methods to control the invaders while minimizing the use of potentially toxic pesticides.

Protect Pest Control Singapore uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control pests in migrant worker dormitories. This program emphasizes on eliminating all nesting places, food, and water sources, and excluding pests from the facility. Our pest management professionals work closely with your residents and dormitory maintenance staff. This helps us identify the root cause of pest problems, early signs of potential infestations, and any areas that require improvement for the best pest control results.

Types of Pests In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Foreign worker dormitories face threats from an enormous range of pests every year. Pests can invade foreign worker dormitories in multiple ways. For instance, they can fly in via open windows, and workers can unknowingly introduce them into the dormitory on their personal belongings. Because foreign worker dormitories have many sleeping rooms connected by a common wall, bugs will freely move from one room to another, eventually infesting everyone's belongings.

Protect Pest Control can help identify pest issues before they become problems. Through regular inspections and 24/7 pest monitoring, we're able to identify early signs of pest threats and eradicate them effectively. To amplify pest control measures within the dormitory, we train your tenants how to prevent and keep pests away.

Bed Bugs In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Bed bugs are a serious pest pressure in worker dormitories. They are notorious for hitchhiking on suitcases and personal belongings. The problem with these nocturnal pests is that they are hard to spot. They hide throughout the day and only pop up at night to suck on a victims' blood.

Bed bugs commonly hide in the small crevices in the bed frame, box springs, foldings on your mattress, baseboards, and dressers. They reproduce rapidly and easily spread from one room to another in search of a host and new breeding grounds. You require the help of a professional pest controller to eradicate bed bugs and bed bug eggs completely and prevent chances of re-infestations.

Controlling Bed Bugs In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Our bed bug control experts have extensive knowledge, backed up by years of experience and innovative solutions to effectively eradicate bed bugs and reduce chances of re-infestations.

We customize an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that suits all the pest control needs of your building. This comprises a combination of effective bed bug control methods because no two bed bug infestations are exactly the same. As part of our IPM, we utilize:

Instant killing pesticides: Our technicians use highly effective bed bug pesticides that are NEA-approved for use only by trained professionals. After a thorough inspection, we treat all bed bug activity areas and hiding spots. Besides having a fast knock-down effect, the treatments also provide your building with continued protection.

Rodents In Foreign Worker Dormitories

The most common reason rodents invade worker dormitories is because of easy access to food and shelter or escape from extreme weather. They have a rather collapsible rib cage that allows them to flatten their bodies and squeeze through incredibly tight spaces into your building. You'll commonly find rats and mice foraging for food in garbage cans, recycling bins, etc.

Besides being aesthetically displeasing, rodents are extremely destructive. They constantly gnaw on anything they come across, including electrical wiring, walls, pipes, boxes, and doors. Rodents are also associated with the spread of diseases like rat-bite fever, murine typhus, and murine typhus. And they can contaminate your food with their saliva, faeces, and urine.

Controlling Rodents In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Getting rid of rats and mice can be a tedious and challenging task. These invaders are pretty intelligent and smart at hiding. On top of that, rodents are fast runners and excellent climbers, which makes it almost impossible for you to eradicate them without the help of a licensed professional.

We have been protecting homes and businesses from rodent infestations for more than 10 years. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your worker dormitory and customize an effective rodent management plan that will take care of the problem. Further, we put into place a rodent proofing strategy that stops the pests from accessing your building.

Rodent Traps: Traps are an effective rodent control method that does not put non-target animals like kittens at risk. They use a non-poisonous bait to attract rodents and trap them without killing them. Our experts will place the traps in rodent activity areas such as along walls and near runways. Once a rodent is trapped, the technician will safely dispose it.

Bait Stations: Bait stations continuously provide successful rodent control results. They are tamper-resistant, hold poisonous bait, and provide easy access for rats and mice.These stations are designed to protect children and pets from accessing the bait.

Cockroaches In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Sadly, these filthy pests have become well-adapted to living with/near humans. And their resilience is legendary! In fact, roaches are one of the hardest and trickiest pests for home and business owners to get rid of. The bad news is that roaches are dangerous allergen sources and asthma triggers. These unhygienic scavengers eat anything they can find, including rotten and decaying waste, trash cans, and sewers. Hence, they easily deposit disease-causing bacteria in foods.
In addition, experts note that roaches have a pungent musty odor that is easily detectable in infested areas. For most of your tenants, the mere sight of cockroaches can cause considerable emotional and psychological distress!

Controlling Roaches In Foreign Worker Dormitories

Successfully controlling cockroaches involves a lot of time and professional knowledge. They are primarily nocturnal, which means that they hide during the day and appear at night to eat your baked products, meat, cheese, and more. In light of these, a pest control expert must inspect the entire dormitory to discover and destroy cockroach hiding spots!

Protect Pest Control cockroach experts utilize a four management strategy to control cockroaches in your building. This includes chemical control, where we treat the premises using NEA-approved products to eradicate the pests and build a protection barrier around the perimeter of your building.

Secondly, we strategically place highly effective cockroach traps in roach activity areas like corners, under sinks, and cabinets. Our experts will then teach your tenants the best sanitation methods that deny the pests food, water, and shelter. Lastly, we seal all entry-points like cracks and crevices to prevent re-infestations.

Gel Baiting: We inspect and strategically place gel dots in cockroach-infested places like cracks and under the sink. Once cockroaches feed on the bait, they carry some of it to their nest, potentially killing an entire colony.

Residual Spraying: Non-toxic and highly effective residual sprays are applied to cockroach hiding spots and activity areas. The spray also serves as a chemical barrier to protect your facility from re-occurrences.

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