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Pest Control for Food and Beverages

Unfortunately, the food and beverages industry in Singapore is not exceptional to pest infestations. Pests present a high-risk threat in the food processing industry. They can cause contamination and loss of raw materials and processed foods.

Calling the food and beverages industry big is a huge understatement. This industry is extremely extensive with all sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, retail, and servicing! Pest problems in food and beverages are not just a nuisance; they can lead to loss of revenue, loss of client's trust, fines, regulatory action, and in serious cases, prosecution.

A proper and comprehensive pest management program must be applied at every stage of this industry. Protect Pest Control uses innovative and market-leading measures to detect early signs of infestations and control the pests before they can cause any damages.

We work closely with food manufacturers, staff, and employees to ensure continuous monitoring of pest activities in the premises. This way, we maintain a safe environment and high standards for the business, customers, and auditors. Our experts will provide accurate and up-to-date pest management documentation to give a good analysis of your pest management program come audit time.

Types Of Pests in Food and Beverage Establishments

The food and beverages industry is highly susceptible to numerous types of pests including, cockroaches, flies, rodents, weevils, moths, beetles, and ants. These businesses are always keenly scrutinized by the public due to food consumption safety. As such, business owners cannot afford room for risks of food contamination or compromising regulatory requirements.

We will find the source of your pest problem and eliminate it while taking care of the pest monitoring and reporting, so that you can focus fully on boosting your business growth and productivity.

Rodents in Food and Beverage Establishments

Rodents are perhaps the most notorious and sneaky pests in the food and beverages industry. Rodents and food should never exist together. They've been known to spread nearly 35 diseases directly to humans by contaminating food, e.g., via saliva, faeces, urine, and bites. Failing to address rodents infestations can also easily lead to severe penalties or closure of your business.

Controlling Rodents in Food and Beverage Establishments

The best method to prevent a rodent infestation in food processing is by eliminating all potential entry points, food sources, and harborages. We use effective, fully documented, and up-to-date pest control programmes to get rid of rodents and protect your business from chances of re-infestations.

Rodent Traps: Thanks to their stealthy design, the expert will strategically place the traps in activity areas and rodent pathways. They have a visible monitor that indicates once a rodent is trapped. The trap is safely disposed of thereafter.

Bait Stations: Bait stations are tamper resistance. They are designed with openings that only rats/mice can fit in, thus protecting non-target animals from accessing the bait. For effective extermination, the expert will locate the station in areas with rodent activity.

Ants in Food and Beverage Establishments

There are nearly 12,000 ant species found worldwide. Of this, more than 130 species are found in Singapore. When any ants species infest a food and beverages facility, they are relentless and potential food contaminators. One interesting fact about ants is that they are social insects, meaning that when they infest, they do so in colonies and will quickly colonize all areas in your food plant.
Ants can find their way into your plant very easily. They only require a tiny crack on the wall or ground level to invade your facility. They can also be brought on packaged goods delivered into the business.

Controlling Ants in Food and Beverage Establishments

Because of the numerous differences in the biology and behaviour among ant species, it can be challenging for business owners to control and eliminate them on their own. Additionally, it's quite hard to keep ants out of your facility due to their tiny sizes. After a thorough inspection to identify the ant species causing you trouble, our expert will tailor the most effective ant treatment for your facility. As part of our IPM, we use:

Gel baiting: the expert will strategically place safe and highly effective gel baits in ant activity areas. The bait is made using an attractant and non-repellent active ingredient. Upon feeding on the bait, the ants will move back to their nest and potentially infect the rest of the colony.

Non-toxic treatment: a safe and authentic ant treatment is sprayed on targeted areas to eliminate the ants and provide long-term protection effects.

Cockroaches in Food and Beverage Establishments

Cockroaches feed on nearly all the types of food used for human consumption. They can spread illnesses such as salmonella and listeriosis by contaminating food. Businesses must adhere to food safety regulations and standards to provide consumers with safe and high quality products for consumption.

Controlling Cockroaches in Food and Beverage Establishments

We use integrated pest management programmes to control cockroaches effectively. Our experts ensure that your business is compliant with food safety regulations at all times. A proactive approach to pest management keeps cockroaches away from the entire food plant.

Gel baiting: The expert will apply small bait dots in cracks and in places where the roaches frequent. The dosage applied depends on the level of the infestation. Once the pests get in contact with the bait, they carry it back to their source, thereby infecting the entire colony.

Non-toxic Residual Spraying: Using an environmentally safe and highly effective solution, we spray targeted areas to control the pests. The treatment also acts as a chemical barrier from future pest problems.

Flies in Food and Beverage Establishments

Flies may be small, but they are mighty food and beverages contaminators. Their sighting alone in your food plant should have you contacting a pest professional for immediate extermination. These nasty insects are a serious threat to your business operations as they can infect your customers with nearly 65 diseases. They contaminate products with parasitic worms and dirt. The most common flies diseases in Singapore include cholera, dysentery, typhoid, salmonellosis and diarrhoea.

Controlling Flies in Food and Beverage Establishments

The first step to a successful flies control in food and beverages in Singapore is to identify the fly species posing a threat to your business. Each species requires specific treatment for successful extermination and long-term prevention results.

Our highly trained exterminators will do a detailed inspection of your facility to identify the fly species and find out what's attracting them to your business. They will then customize a treatment plan that will control and keep these disease carriers away from your facility.

Flying insect control traps: we strategically place highly effective units such as light traps in specific areas to attract and trap the flies for successful control.

Residual sprays: we use non-toxic sprays as part of our integrated pest management plan. Target places like flies resting areas are sprayed for total extermination while destroying their breeding sites.

Granular baiting: carbon bait boxes are strategically positioned in areas with frequent flies activities. The pests die upon bait consumption.

Other Pests in Food and Beverage Establishments

Food and beverages industries encompass a wide variety of damaging pests. Each pest has its unique behaviours and characteristics. Our professional exterminators have been in the industry for many years now and are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and latest technology to provide you with the best control results.

Using an integrated pest management approach, we eliminate all conditions attracting pests and prevent chances of re-infestations.

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