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Pest Control for Property Agents

One of the trickiest challenges for property agents is pest management. While you work hard to get listings, rent out a house, and sell homes, a 'sudden' pest infestation can impede you at closing. Pests such as rodents, bed bugs, and cockroaches can pose serious health risks for your tenants and significantly drop the value of your property.

Often, property agents find themselves in a situation where they are indirectly responsible for the health and safety of their tenants - this responsibility includes preventing and controlling pests.

The best pest control method for property agents Singapore is to engage qualified professional pest controllers. You can rely on Protect Pest Control to combat possible pest infestations by limiting the potential of bugs entering your property in the first place. We thoroughly inspect your entire building to ensure no 'surprise' pest infestations that may hold up a closing.

Our pre-inspection services provide an accurate report upon which we will discuss with you the proper steps that need to be taken to exterminate bugs or prevent future pest problems. We work closely with your tenants to ensure all the pest control needs of your rented property are adequately met. Our technicians provide a comprehensive and up-to-date report that covers the status of each pest treatment and the current condition of your property.

Common Pest Problems For Property Agents

The sad truth is that pests don't discriminate. From the dirtiest to the most immaculate property, pests will infest, eat, and destroy anything they come across. If not treated fast and effectively, these invaders can cause severe and irreparable damages. A good example is termites that not only ruin the aesthetic appeal of your property but will also damage its structural integrity. Unless effective steps are taken to eradicate the termites and keep them from returning, their damages can be extensive and pretty expensive to repair.

Protect Pest Control offers regular inspections and treatments before pest problems can happen. We tailor an effective pest management plan that suits your property and environmental factors such as seasons. Using modern technology, we are able to monitor and track pest incidents 24/7 so that the assigned technician can make necessary changes in your bait stations/traps in real-time.

Rodents In Commercial Buildings

Rodents are unwelcome guests in any building used for human dwelling! They carry and transmit many diseases, including salmonella and the deadly hantavirus for which there is no known treatment, cure, or vaccine! Rats and mice also cause structural damages to property with their teeth, claws, nest building, and defecation. For instance, they constantly gnaw on wooden structures, pipes, electrical wires and are capable of causing electric fires!

These opportunistic creatures can wriggle through holes as small as a nickel to access your building. The presence of rodents in your property can be overwhelming- they reproduce year-round when indoors and can quickly overrun your space. Besides, these troublesome pests can be very difficult to get rid of.

Controlling Rodents In Commercial Buildings

Protect Pest Control offers a complete solution to eradicate all existing rodents while preventing the chances of new rodents entering your building. We inspect your entire property and customize an effective pest management plan. The plan includes getting rid of an existing infestation and putting your building on preventative maintenance to ensure it remains rodent-free and safe for your tenants.

Rodent Traps: Rodent traps use non-poisonous baits to attract rodents into the trap. After a complete inspection of your property, the assigned technician will place the traps in rodent activity areas and hiding spots. The traps strictly target rats and mice without risking children and pets like kittens.

Bait Stations: These highly effective devices are tamper-resistant and have continuously provided successful rodent control results. The experts strategically place them in rodent activity areas for the best eradication results.

Termites In Commercial Buildings

An untreated termite infestation can cause structural damages that make your building unsafe to live in and completely uninhabitable. That's right; you can lose your entire building to termite damages! The problem with termite infestations is that they are often undetectable until visible signs of damage are evident. This means that you can easily find yourself on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars or more in property repairs.

Protect Pest Control can effectively stop this nightmare from becoming your reality! We remain vigilant and proactive in preventing chances of termite infestations on your property. Our termite control experts will thoroughly analyze your entire building and implement the best methods to eliminate all existing termites successfully.

Controlling Termites In Commercial Buildings

Should you suspect that you've been infested or notice signs of destructive termites, you must call a trustworthy pest control company in Singapore to inspect and solve the pest problem fast and effectively!

Our experts will customize a termite treatment and exclusion plan that meets your specific needs. We also ensure annual termite inspections for early detection of termite activity on your property. During the inspection, we will assess and eliminate the conditions that make your property more susceptible to termites.

This way, we prevent the potential for massive termite damages and costly repairs. A comprehensive report is provided to you after each inspection, and our experts will help you choose the most suitable termite treatment and protection plan for your property.

We offer a huge range of termite control and protection services, including:

Pre-construction termite control Singapore: This proactive termite control method allows your tenants to peacefully move into a facility that's well protected from chances of termite infestations. The technician will treat the soil upon which your building is being constructed to create a highly effective pest protection barrier around its perimeter. This treatment effectively repels and keeps termites away for good.

Post-construction termite control Singapore: This treatment is executed on existing buildings as a proactive measure against termite infestations. Understand that subterranean termites can create a pathway from their nests in the soil to your house. Post-construction termite control involves treating the soil around the foundation of your facility with highly effective treatments that kill termites upon contact while repelling others. Most pests that get into contact with the termiticide live long enough to crawl back to their nests, potentially infecting the entire colony.

Spiders In Commercial Buildings

Spiders can get into your building through the small cracks and crevices in the wall, vents, and pipes. Most spiders don't have fangs strong enough to bite or breakthrough human skin, and the general advice is to leave them alone. However, their presence can spark a lot of fear among some people. They also spread creepy cobwebs that can ruin the aesthetic appearance of your property.

Controlling Spiders In Commercial Buildings

Spider control can be a very tedious task for property agents. It is a time-consuming task that requires patience and persistence to get rid of the pest completely.

We begin with a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your property. We then customize an effective pest management plant that effectively eradicates spiders both indoors and outdoors while ensuring they don't return.

Glue traps: Our experts will strategically place sticky glue traps in spider activity areas and other places they like to hang out, such as attics, basements, and closets. The trap must be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Other Pests In Commercial Buildings

Our experts have serviced commercial properties for many years now and found that there is a massive variety of pests issues that property agents face. These pests have unique behaviours and characteristics that require professional knowledge and skills to get rid of completely while preventing chances of future infestations.

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